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Default Re: Using multiple Class abilities per turn.

I moved this out of the Member House Rules thread because this is an actual rules question, and not defining a house rule.

As for the question: You can use any ability as many times as possible, depending on the ability's own rule, but nothing in the rules or on the cards say you can only use one ability at a time or at a given moment. For example, as long as you have a card (in hand or in play) to discard, a player Thief can steal Items, at any time, as long as neither he nor the target is in combat. A Wizard can only use his abilities during a combat that he is in, or when he is Running Away, and because it requires discarding your entire hand, the charm spell can only be used once. The Cleric and Warrior combat bonus abilities can only be used when the Cleric or Warrior is in combat, and can only be used 3 times during that combat, so long as the Cleric or Warrior has the cards to discard (from hand or in play).
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