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Default Re: [OCC] Lost in Dreams

Peter Nichols (Original) (Current)

Peter is from Burlington Massachusetts. He's had a great passion for the outdoors since he was quite small, and would spend hours in the woods behind his home exploring his own 2-acre "wilderness". When he was old enough, his parents enrolled him in the Boy Scouts of America.

He set about earning his merit badges with great fervor and made Eagle Scout at 12 years old. Peter was determined to become the youngest Eagle Scout ever but missed this goal by several months. Despite the many congratulations and high praise from his parents and troop, he found this terribly disappointing.

While on a camping trip, Peter heard a commotion in the woods, the sound of a crying animal. He decided to check it out and woke his father to help him investigate. They discovered a dog who had slipped down into a crevice, his front paws bloody from trying to scramble out and failing countless times. While Peter's father got a rope, Peter impulsively slid down into the crevice with the animal. The dog did not want him to approach at first, seeming unsure if Peter was friend or foe, but Peter tossed the animal a few chunks of the granola bar from his vest pocket, and the creature made up its mind. Peter's father had a bit of trouble finding the campsite, and Peter comforted the animal while his father found his way, and then the rope and returned. He tied the end of the rope into a crude harness, and Peter was able to put it on the dog and himself, and they climbed out together. When they were unable to find an owner in town, Peter's parents allowed him to adopt the animal. They took him to the vet, and were astonished to find that what they thought was a full-grown dog, was in fact a Leonberger puppy! Peter's parents would probably not have let the boy keep the animal had they known how much more it had to grow, but they were not prepared to break his heart once they found out. From the time of his rescue, Goliath as Peter named him, was never far from Peter's side.

With both of his parents working, Peter has learned to be quite self-sufficient. The outlook and helpfulness taught to him by the boy scouts have him often helping around the house and his neighborhood. He's taken the Boy Scout's code to heart, and he enjoys the positive feeling he gets from benefiting his community.

Age: 14
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 122lbs
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown

Parents: David Nichols, Margret Hammond-Nichols

The Travels of Peter and Goliath

Where the Riders Dwell
- The Salvation of Senarich

Doctors Without Borders - the Miracle Workers
- A pilgrim in a Savage Land (Xenarthra-1 / mammoth-3 ?)
- Homeline
- Plague In Tenochtitlán

The Karaka Circle
- Birthright

- Fictions and Non-Fictions

A Clockwork Sky
- Thuroman Hospitality: Thanks be to Ink-Thur
- Temples in the Sky Like Diamonds
- Portal to the Gods: The Pristine Realm
- Not the Burlington you're looking for.
- Return to a Clockwork Sky
- Return to the Divine Village
- Thuroma, His reputation precedes him
--- Weekend Holiday at Home
- Thuroma, The Emissary ruturns
- Divine Council Interrupted
--- BioTech Dreamland
- The Hunt Is On!
- Dinner with Kyridas
- The Crossroads
- Coming to America

Canned Cloners and a Cat-Girl to Go
- Howdy Campers!

Red Planet
- Peter Nichols of Mars

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