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Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post

Probably never. Kromm has said that he doesn't really write adventures, I think.
To confirm: This would indeed not be a task for me. I am the Line Editor, and a big part of my job is allocating tasks to suitable people. As I'm not suitable for adventure-writing, I'd never assign this to myself. FWIW, the adventure actually has been updated (not by me!) . . . it's just one of the many things that needs art, and it's a very low priority because we're probably going to give it away once it's ready.

I appreciate the belief in my ability to write, edit, review, lay out, illustrate, and generally create every last GURPS item personally, but reality is that the majority of that work is done by other people. For instance, I'm terrible with adventures, I've never laid out a book in my life (and have no clue how to do so), I can't draw a stick man (much less art), and I have never had any role in art contracting, print buying, or shipping. The most accurate description of my role would be "coordinator, editor of Big Things, and occasional writer." A less-charitable one would be "traffic cop."
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