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(Fair enough. Jorin attempts to persuade Sam to 'sleep', Sam makes the reasonable-in-most-cases claim that if it's impossible there's no reason to bother, Jorin contemplates forcing the issue, but figures it's been long enough that it's too late to get a full night's rest anyway and instead gives him a little something to help.

Vigil 22 -4(Prerequisite count) = 18, roll 7 (cost 6)
12 minutes' rest

While he waits for everyone else to finish sleeping, he carefully goes over his past experiences and the theory he's learned and decides to try something new:
Delay (When I next see a Tick-tock Man; Wild Talent, IQ 12) 12 +10?(Magery) = 12(22?), roll 12, cost 1, 1 to maintain every 2 hours
Insignificance 22 -8(Prereq count) -1(Delay) = 13, roll 13, cost 2
6 minutes' rest

I'm spending a point on Retention for that, leaving one extra point and giving me Delay at 20

Maintain Spell (Delay; the next 20 hours) 22 -2(Prereq Count) = 20, roll 16, cost 8
16 minutes' rest

Jorin spends the rest of the night going over (and over, and over, and over) the information he gained about the robe, trying to piece it all together.)

Astrid 14/14HP, 3/10FP buffs
Jorin 13/13, 9/10, 0/1 ER, 24/24, 3/6, 6/6, 6/6, 6/6 Rings, 6 days since last use of WT
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