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Default Re: [OCC] Lost in Dreams

Tereza Jelínek, modern day bard:
Player: Poonbahbah
Ht: 5’ 3”
Wt: 120 lbs.
Size Modifier: 0
Age: 24
Point Summery: -10 Attributes + 0 Secondary Attributes + 16 Languages/Cultural Familiarity + 125 Advantages/Perks –41 Disadvantages/Quirks + 67 Skills/Techniques + 0 Miscellanies (extra cash, etc) = 157 points +0 unspent

ST: 9 [-10]
DX: 10 [0]
IQ: 10 [0]
HT: 10 [0]

Secondary Attributes
HP: 9 [0]
Will: 10 [0]
Per: 10 [0]
FP: 10 [0]

Basic Lift: 16 lbs
Damage thrust: d-2, swing d-1
Basic Speed: 5.00 [0]
Move: 5 [0]

Social Background
TL: 8
Cultural Familiarity:
Middle Eastern [1]
Ancient Egyptian (Accented/None) [1]
Arabic (Accented/Accented) [2]
Czech (Native/Native) [0]
English (Accented/Accented) [2]
French (Native/Native) [4]
German (Accented/Accented) [2]
Mandarin (Accented/Accented) [2]
Spanish (Accented/Accented) [2]

Charisma 4 [20] +4 on all reaction rolls made by sapient beings with whom you actively interact (converse, lecture, etc.); +4 to Influence rolls (see Influence Rolls, p. 359); and +4 to Fortune-Telling, Leadership, Panhandling, and Public Speaking skills.
Eidetic Memory [4] +20% for +4 Reliable, -40% Requires time to memorize
Flexibility[5] +3 on Climbing rolls; on Escape rolls to get free of ropes, handcuffs, and similar restraints; on Erotic Art skill; and on all attempts to break free in close combat (see p. 391). You may ignore up to -3 in penalties for working in close quarters (including many Explosives and Mechanic rolls).
Language Talent [10]
Talent (Allure) 4 [20] Dancing, Erotic Art, Makeup, Sex Appeal, and Singing. RB: Anyone attracted to your specific combination of race (Caucasian) and sex (female;) people who might employ you as an actress, courtesan, or model
Talent (Born Entertainer) 4 [20] Acting, Dancing, Performance, Public Speaking, Singing, and Stage Combat. RB: Crowds – they love you!
Talent (Cultural Chameleon) 1 [5] Anthropology, Diplomacy, Gesture, Linguistics, Psychology, and Sociology. RB:People from outside your culture, when met in their own lands.
Beautiful [12] +4 on reaction rolls made by those attracted to members of your sex, +2 from everyone else
Very Fit [15] +2 to Ht rolls excepting skills, regain FP twice as fast, Lose FP half as swiftly
Voice [10] +2 with the following skills: Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, Mimicry, Performance, Politics, Public Speaking, Sex Appeal, and Singing. You also get +2 on any reaction roll made by someone who can hear your voice.

Luck (Game time) [15]
Serendipity [15]
Jumper [30] world, New worlds +50%, Naked -30%, Uncontrollable -10%, Unreliable (14) -20%, skill roll is dreaming, only when sleeping -20%, requires Immediate Preparation 1 hour -75%, cosmic +50%, Drift -15%
Magery 0 [5]
Talent 1 (gizmo power)[2]
Detect (supernatural phenomenon) [20]
Control (magic,occasional) (immediate preparation required 1 minute -15%, unreliable -40%, costs 1 FP -25%**) [3]
Patron [30] (Yokaba)
Patron [15] (Infinity)

Passing Complexion [1] Your ethnicity isn’t readily apparent to onlookers.
Penetrating Voice [1] +3 to be heard when I want to be and +1 to intimidate sometimes.
Sexy Pose [1] Allows Sex Appeal from a distance. Success can convince target to approach you.
Dabbler [1] Savoir Fair (Military?) +2, Tactics +3

Chummy [-5] You react to others at +2 most of the time. When alone, you are unhappy and distracted, and suffer a -1 penalty to IQ-based skills.
Pacifism Self-Defense Only[-15]
Post Combat Shakes (12) [-5] After combat roll vs SC minus any modifiers GM may assign, failure means rolling again with bonus equal to margin of failure against fright table
Squeamish [-5] You dislike “yucky stuff”: little bugs and crawly things, blood and dead bodies, slime, etc. When exposed to such things you get -2 to Dx/Iq/Skill rolls

Social Stigma (second class citizen (female)) [-2] -50% Certain worlds only
Social Stigma (valuable property (female)) [-5] -50% Certain worlds only

Weirdness Magnet[-15]
Dead Broke (Only after jumps -40%)[-15]
Duty [-5] Infinity

Careful [-1] quirk level cowardice
Dislikes (Parrots) [-1] or other birdes that talk. That's freaky!
Likes (Dogs) [-1]
Defeats Nightmares regularly [-1]

Skills All Skills are TL 8 unless otherwise specified.
Acting Public Speaking-5 [0]-11 +4 born entertainer, +1 for every point of IQ you have over the person you are trying to fool (or the smartest one in the group), or -1 for every point of difference if your victim is smarter than you.
Administration A Iq-1 [1]-9
Animal Handling (Dog) (A) IQ-1 [1]-9
Bicycling (E) Dx [1]-10
Brawling (E) Dx [1]-10
Carousing (E) Ht [1]-10
Climbing (A) Dx+2 [1]-12 +3 Flex
Computer Op. (E) Iq [1]-10
Dancing (A) Dx+7 [1]-17 +8 allure, born entertainer
Diplomacy (H) Iq+1 [1]-11 +3 voice, cultural chameleon, often gets +4 charisma
Disguise (A) Iq-1 [0]-6 Makeup-3
Dreaming (H) Will [8] - 11
Erotic Art (A) Dx+7 [2]-17 +7 flexibility, allure
Escape (H) Dx+1 [1]-11 +3 flexibility
Expert Skill (Parachronics) (H) IQ-2 [1]-8
Fast Talk (A) Iq+3 [4]-13 +2 voice, often gets +4 charisma
First Aid (E) Iq [1]-10
Games (Chess) (E) Iq [1]-10
Gesture (E) Iq+1 [1]-11 +1 cultural chameleon
Guns (pistol) (E) DX [1]-10
Leadership (A) Iq+5 [4]-15 +4 charisma
Linguistics (H) Iq [4]-11 +1 cultural chameleon
Makeup (A) Iq+3 [1]-13 +4 allure
Panhandling Public Speaking-3 [0]-13 +4 charisma
Performance Public Speaking-2 [0]-16 +6 voice and born entertainer
Piloting A Dx
Remote TL 10 Dx-1 [1]-9
Professional skill (Weaving) (A) Dx-1 [1]-9
Public Speaking (A) Iq+12 [12]-22 +10 born entertainer, charisma, voice
Research (A) IQ-1 [1]-9
Savoir Fair (E) IQ-2 [0]-8
Sewing (E) Dx [1]-10
Sex Apeal (A) Ht+9/11 [4]-19/21 if they can hear me +4 allure, +2 voice, +4 appearnce, often gets +4 from charisma
Singing (E) Ht+11 [2]-21 +10 allure, born entertainer, voice
Skating (H) Ht-2 [1]-8
Skiing (H) Ht-2 [1]-8
Stage Combat (A) Dx+3 [1]-13 +4 born entertainer
Stealth (A) Dx-1 [1]-9
Swimming (E) Ht [1]-10
Tactics (H) IQ-4 [0]-6
Typing (E) DX [1]-10
Wembar (?) Iq-2 [0]-8
Wrestling (A) Dx-1 [1]-9

Battle Dreaming (H) skill-1 [2]-10

Encumbrance:Combat load - x lbs (none -0 move)

Travel Load - x lbs (none -0 move)


Parry () –

Back Story:
Tereza Jelínek Grew up Plzeň a part of the Czech Republic where she had a peaceful upbringing. She has two main passions; being the center of attention and languages. Her charm, good looks, and voice insure the first. For the second she attended the University of Ostrava where playing to her strengths she majored in foreign languages and minored in vocal studies. After graduation she moved to Paris with aspirations of becoming a rich and famous Singer/Actress. She was having some success but before things really took off she had one major problem. She trusted the wrong person and went to an interview that ended with her being kidnapped, used, and abused for several months before she woke up lost in dreams...

Short and skinny with black hair hanging all the way down to the small of her back, blue eyes, somewhat tanned skin, smooth complexion, and plenty of pleasing curves.
Rough idea of time spent; Week on Sultan-1, 3 weeks home, a day in space, 4 in Johnson's Rome, and five so far on Conventry.
TJ, O, J, Alex

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