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Name: Agent Chaos

Description: Six feet tall, 185 lbs. peek human physical condition. no one knows what he really looks like since he has his face covered almost all the time.
Training/skills: Master of many Hand to hand combat styles and highly trained with a wide variety of weapons as well as military training.

He was one of the first "proto-humans", an experiment to create the perfect solider. When he was deemed a failure he was put in captivity till killed. It is said that while waiting to be killed the God of Chaos came to him with an offer, become his avatar and spread chaos or die and suffer chaos for eternity. He accepted and thus the God of Chaos granted him powers to do his bidding, The serum in him worked causing his body to reach its peak physical form and stay there. His chaos powers include being immortal, turning into a swarm of grotesque flying creatures, imbuing any weapon or attack with chaotic energy that eats away at things until they vanish, and accelerated healing.

He is very callous, willing to use anyone to meet his goals, he sees all governments as a problem and will rid the world of them through chaos, and he has all the time in the world to do it. He has several flaws, he rather kill then capture, since he got his powers he has been overconfident and above all else loves to play pranks and trick anyone that may stand a chance against him.


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