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Default Re: 2 Questions; one what are item enhancers? two, the loaded die...

Loaded Die has only ever worked on "your" roll, which means that only the player who rolled the die may play Loaded Die. Reloaded Die, however, may be played on someone else's roll. The only change ever made to Loaded Die was to make it extremely clear that the die result can never be other than what the die has on it: 1-6 for the six-sider provided with the game. The roll result can be more or less because of bonuses or penalties to the roll, but the die portion of the roll result can never be different than what the die has available.

As for Item Enhancers. . . They specifically say that they improve the bonus of an Item, are rather clear that they are not one-shot Items (no gold piece value, no "usable once only," and they state that the card goes with the Item when lost), and the rules say, "Once you expose a monster card, you must resolve the fight with your equipment as it stands, plus any one-shot items you choose to play." I've emphasized the part in the rules which is making me say you can not play Item Enhancers while in combat.
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