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Default Re: In Nomine Lite Adventure

Hey, there is one thing that I think should not have gotten "simplified away": Dissonance conditions.

No, no, I don't want dissonance rules in the Lite adventure! But there should be a nod to the fact that each choir has something they just do not do. I think that it's almost a necessity to add just one sentence apiece to the descriptions, perhaps under Angelic Powers.

"[But] As a Seraph, you cannot lie, and are uncomfortable even hiding the truth."

"[But] As a Malakite, you cannot show a demon any mercy or let them take you prisoner."

Not only does this preserve a rather important piece of what it means to be a member of a certain Choir in In Nomine, it also highlights one of the things that makes being a Soldier so special -- no artificial restrictions on your behavior.

That's a lot of extra yummy goodness for just two sentences.
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