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Default Re: GURPS Releases seem to be slow?

Originally Posted by Mailanka View Post
We call it "GURPS Vehicles" because the previous edition was called the same and it's good shorthand, but it's not: It's the GURPS Vehicles Design System. It would surprise me if it also contained expanded rules for actually using vehicles.
That's correct. It's about the same size as the old book (200+ pages).

There are a few extra detail rules (things like operating at crush depth, say) plus plentiful rules for using all the built-in subsystems but in general it's the 4e revision of the design system plus the design rules from the Expansions.

Detailed rules for, say, dogfights or hexgrid resolution of vehicle action, will wait for a dedicated supplement, since GURPS Basic Set already covers it to a decent degree, and that sort of expanded rules set is not necessarily just for Vehicle Design - you could be using existing vehicles from Basic, High Tech, etc.

PS: Due to changed circumstances, I now plan on devoting time to Vehicle Design next month, with the aim of moving the project significantly forward.
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