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Default Re: GURPS Releases seem to be slow?

Originally Posted by Peter Knutsen View Post
How upcoming is GURPS Vehicle Design System?
Vehicle Design, due to the size of the book, needs at least 3-5 weeks of dedicated, full time work for me to complete it.

Unfortunately, this last year I have not been able to generate the spare savings ($500-1000 or so) to support myself and my family for the period of time I've have to give up from other projects (ongoing work for hire ones, Pyramid articles, etc.) to devote those 3-5 weeks to it.

The last major spate of Vehicle Design work was financed by royalties from good sales of the last GURPS Spaceships books and Psi-Tech. Unfortunately, sales on these have declined as they are no longer new, and the current busy SJG schedule and backlog means that has not been an opportunity to write and publish new GURPS books whose sales could finance such further work.

Now, of course, this might change. A lucrative project might arrive and do well. If I had a sudden surge in sales on Spaceships series, Abydos, Mass Combat, or Psi-Tech (books I get royalties for) that generated, say, collectively 200 more sales in a given month than is usual, I could afford it. If I won $1000 in a lottery. However, that is rather unlikely. Or some time later in the year, the GURPS schedule might clear, a shorter GURPS book might be written and published, and its sales may provide enough to let me take those weeks needed to finish the book.

Until then, I devote a few hours each month to it; eventually (over several months) these will build up to the book being finished.
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