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Default Re: Limit on steeds and ships

Originally Posted by Moldon View Post
to be clear. my only question was

and after that I was just trying to get an official answer (not from Heegu, Enzzo or MIB).
No, there was this below, to which Andrew quoted in his response. This is a questions about Ship Enhancers, where you imply that a supposed misstatement in the rules and ask if there was a misstatement elsewhere that would apply to Ship Enhancers. Andrew is saying that Ship Enhancers must be played on a Ship, and can not be played to the table as a carried Item.

Originally Posted by Moldon View Post
One-shot item cards themselves say they must be played during combat. But in fact it meant use during combat. Maybe with ship enhancer something like this? Only SJ know :) , and I ask for official answer.
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