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Default Re: [DF] Summoned allies questions:

Originally Posted by Kromm
Originally Posted by sir_pudding

The "Conjuration" version of summoning allows you to replace a destroyed ally after 24 hours. If you dismiss a Conjured Ally can you conjure a replacement in (a) 24 hours, or (b) you have to wait until the next adventure?
If you're not limiting duration (say, to a minute, as I suggested), then it isn't fair to allow you to conjure a dismissed Ally as soon as you want to, but "next adventure" is extreme . . . I'd go with 24 hours.

Originally Posted by sir_pudding

Can the 24 hour limit after a failed summoning simply be extended to dismissals as well?

The difference between Summonable and Conjured isn't to do with duration or frequency or anything else tied to time. They are identical in that respect. The difference is that a Summonable Ally is unique, loyal, and irreplaceable, and amounts to a normal Ally plus the ability to "gate" him to you, while a Conjured Ally is always a different entity that might not react well to you, but that's infinitely replaceable should he die.
So basically it works like I thought it did in the first place. Whew! Nothing to see here, move along.
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