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Originally Posted by Mehmet View Post
My intellect knows that this woman is impossible but my eyes tell me she is real. I think I'm in love with Reality.
Bruno, you've got another convert.

Yeah. That's why I like it.

I have two pictures that I use to demonstrate why I switched to using Lux, full-time. I can't post the Daz render here as Pink's dress in it is practically transparent (erring on the side of caution), but the second picture comes out so much better (if you check my photobucket, the first picture is PinkDance03DSJ.jpg). I would have stopped working on the scene in Daz as I couldn't make it do what I wanted. But, it only took a few tries to get Lux/Reality to do what I wanted.

Keep in mind the only differences in the picture are:
#1. PinkDance03DSJ was rendered in with the Daz Studio Renderman engine and PinkDance03LuxJ was rendered with Reality and Lux.
#2. There are fewer lights in the Lux scene as Lux needs only the lights you're using, instead of additional lights to brighten the scene up.
#3. Eight hours.
#4. The File Name.

I've posted both of them on Bob Schroeck's Access Denied page to demonstrate, a while ago. I'm not even sure where I put them, but I think they're in the HandofBobb thread for Fenspace.
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