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Revised Equipment List

The following is a list of equipment available through the Western Harbour. This is not a complete list as our inventory is very large. If you have a specific item you wish to use, let us know and well see what we can find.

Uruk Medicine
Brewed up by Uruks, a hardy race that are bred for war and tough work, this medicine is anything but that for weaker races. Intended as a restorative, this massively boosts endurance for long periods, but does so at the expense of a clear head and good temper. In those who cannot handle it this medicine can be physically damaging, and perhaps even lethal.

Duration: HT-3 hours
> Grants 200% FP and boosts to full FP
> Grants Very Fit
> Grants IQ-2
> Grants Bad Temper /12
Roll HT: on fail
> 1d-3 wound (min 1)
> Bad Temper /9
On critical fail
> 1d wound
> Bad Temper /6

Heat Stone
When activated a Heat Stone raises the ambient temperature to 20C. It does this to a range of 10 metres or to fill the current room, whichever is the shorter distance.

Each Heat Stone can store 1000 hours of warmth. Activating one requires merely to breathe warm breath onto the stone. This does mean that certain kinds of individual (robots, golems, anyone who has the Doesn't Breath advantage) cannot activate them. Deactivating one requires someone to breathe cold air on it.

A Heat Stone must be recharged once it has discharged fully. This can only be done by placing it in a warm environment where it can soak up ambient heat. Rapid heating has proven ineffective in this matter; it takes at least 500 hours to fully recharge a Heat Stone.

External memory and personality back-up devices, an Eye-Drive protects against memory affecting and mind-control effects. It is worn as a patch across one eye (commonly the right eye, though left-eye models can be obtained) and provides an external memory back-up that prevents artificial tampering while the Eye-Drive is worn. Once the Eye-Drive is removed the protection that it offers is lost; one-shot effects do not occur, but persistent sources will kick in immediately when it is removed as normal.

The Eye-Drive only stores a back-up of what is present while it is worn. It can negate an effect from a persistent source provided that the Eye-Drive was last worn when the source was not in effect.

Efforts to make an Eye-Drive that is transparent or allows a wearer the use of both eyes have thus far failed.

An Eye-Drive can be reprogrammed to edit out an effect (for instance a mind-control effect that was copied onto the drive by mistake) or to add a new effect (adding a mind-control effect or adjusting a memory for malicious purposes or securty reasons) is possible. It requires the correct equipment to interface with the Eye-Drive and a Computer Programming/ TL14 check lasting six hours. Bypassing the built-in security logs to hide a change requires a Computer Hacking /TL14 check. In either case familiarity with the coding and stoage style is vital: the base penalty for no familiarity is -15 due to the inherent complexity; this can be bought up as a hard technique of Computer Use.

> Immunity (Mind-Affecting; specific source)
> One Eye

Multiple models of Eye-Drive exist. Each one protects against a specific kind of mind-affecting agent:
> Psi
> Magic (roll resistance as normal; effects kick in when Eye-Drive is removed if spell is being maintained)
> Chemical
> Pure skill (non-magical Enthrallment, Hypnostism, etc)
> Class-S (immunity to all of the above; does not protect against Cosmic level effects)
> Cosmic (total immunity to everything, including Cosmic level effects)

Base cost is $8000 for a regular Eye-Drive.
Class-S cost is $30,000.
Cosmic is special issue only: cannot be purchased.

There are further special issue Eye-Drives that carry specific information or skills: these provide the information only while they are worn. In this case they can be worn as either a standard Eye-Drive or as a set of glasses (prescription models are available).

Perceptual Filter
Those who wish to hide themselves when they appear out of place have a number of ways of doing so. A Perceptual Filter is a general term for one way of doing this.
A perceptual filter gives a base -1 on any PER roll made to spot that there is something unusual about the character. More advanced models have an increased cost based on the increased effect.

Base cost: $4,000
TL Adjustment: Base + ((TL difference) ^ 2)
Increased Effect: +10% per -1 to PER

Changes your character's appearance without affecting anything else. So against normal people it's fine, provided that you don't shake hands. Higher TL ones would change bulk/ proportions and might cover other vision modes. Pricing is a little tricky, but roughly speaking I'd throw it in as a package thus (prices are Character Points / $ @ TL10):

Holosuit (Shapeshifting (Alternate Form; Visual only -50%) [8 / $5,000])

Further advantages can be added for:
Multiple forms [4 per alternate / $25 per alternate]
Good Appearance [priced as normal / $100 per CP]
Bad Appearance [priced as normal, half for malfunctioning equipment / $50 per CP for deliberate, -$25 per CP for malfunctioning equipment]
Specific appearance (to pretend to be someone else) -- Illegal [25 - 300 depending on target's Status or significance / $Extortionate] can be reprogrammed manually with a successful Computer Programming and Artist roll, both at -5.
Extended vision modes (infravision, ultravision, etc) [10 CP per mode / $200 per mode]
Increased apparent SM [5 CP per SM / $50 per SM]
Decreased apparent SM [10 CP per SM / $150 per SM] (it's actually harder to make something look smaller)
** Values are approximate only; specific models will vary **

Nonchalance [11]
Not actually a piece of equipment, but given the way that some of our telepaths can mess with your head they decided to stick it in our inventory. You look out of place? You think people will stare at you because you look odd? Look no further.

This little character trait reduces reaction penalties relating purely to unusual appearances. It won't give a bonus, but it'll remove up to -4 from any penalty. You want an example?

Okay, there's a guy called Tomias. He's a CI agent just like you. Nifty little ninja; general all-rounder when it comes to martial arts and such. He's also a wolf-man. He doesn't get a specific penalty for being a wolf-man as such. But some places he'd be burnt at the stake as a demon. But he's so damned zen about the fact that he's a wolf-man, that most people just don't even question it. He doesn't get a bonus from being zen as such, but he gets a whack knocked off any penalties that he might take.
"John Adams was a farmer. Abraham Lincoln was a small-town lawyer. Plato, Socrates were teachers. Jesus was a carpenter. To equate judgment and wisdom with occupation is at best... insulting."

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