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Originally Posted by ErhnamDJ View Post
Douglas, remembering what happened last time, will shoot the man with the gun in the leg.

Pistol (Skill 17, +3 Acc, +1 Weapon Bond, -2 targeting leg, -? lighting, -? range), 19? (3d6=12)

Damage, pi+ (wounding modifier x1 for leg) (2d6+2=11)

(Three shots remaining.)
Skill 17, +3 ACC, +1 Weapon Bond, -2 Leg, -3 Lighting, -2 Range = 14 (by 3)

Wolf: Dodge 8: 5+6+4 = 15 (failed by 7)
Damage: 11 (reduced to HP for Limb, limb is crippled) = 5.5 damage
Wolf is at 5 HP
HT Roll for Major Wound: HT 11: 6+4+2 = 12 (failed by 1)

Wolf falls to the floor stunned.
All of the cultists currently in sight are incapacitated or dead.

Sentinel Armour Comm Log:
Serena: (flashing up comm-signal icon on Mark's HUD) "I've got an incoming datasteam from the Bane of Asgard. It's tactical sensor data. I'll bring it up on your HUD."

[Datastream (Mark or Serena can use the armour's holojector's to share this info): The map that Serena brings up shows a lot of contact icons on a map of the bunker. There are at least fifty tagged approaching the entrance to the bunker, and twenty more waiting just out of sight of where Mark and Douglas are standing. More pertinently there are some hazard icons which indicate massive energy flux, marking out the locations of various cultists that are already nearby.]
The murmuring in the background has become quite pronounced, and has a disturbing quality that Seann [HPA] notices but can't make sense of. Serena does make sense of it though:

"Mark... That noise. I can hear it, and I've got an audio track record of it, but I'm... I'm not actually hearing it. My microphones are showing no pickup. It's like we're hearing it without actually needing to hear it." [OOC: if Seann has audio records he can confirm that the background noise doesn't appear on them despite being audible; Serena can hear it because she's got a high enough Spengler Flux to class as nearly having a soul.] "I'm running audio discrimination software, but I can't... [Serena: Computer Use 16: 4+5+1 = 10 (by 6)] I've got it. Multiple voices overlapping each other. Here's the main one:"

The voice that Serena plays back is, once you hear it, clearly part of the background whispering. And what it says is thus: "Rise my favoured sons. Rise and avenge my fall. Take my power."

A faint glow has begun to surround the bodies of several cultists (the named ones) and those who are alive appear to be in some kind of pain. Those who are dead are starting to move, barely. Even Guy.

Arad notices what is going on and whilst continuing the ritual manages to pass on the following to those nearby (everyone except Douglas, Mark and Ehrahm): "Chu'dam is raising them as demons. They may be beyond your ability to fight. As soon as the ritual is complete we must be leaving."

Out of combat time. There's about thirty seconds left in the ritual, and the transformation of the cultists is taking a while [OOC: you've got about a minute for it to complete; I may post a limited copy of the racial template that the cultists are acquiring in the OOC if it makes things easier to understand]. You need to decide what to do next.
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