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Default Re: The 2011 e23 Releases and Speculation Thread

I'm just stumped on thinking of other large books that SJGames would accept. VDS is a pretty big project, and Girl Genius probably as well, but I can't think of anything else that would be that size that SJGames might be interested in. We've already got all of the genre books (like Fantasy or Horror) that I think are needed, and I don't think SJGames is all that interested in new full-on setting books like THS (they might publish something like that as a regular-sized e23 PDF, I suppose, but I doubt they'd publish a 100+ page book on a single untried setting), so I can't think of anything that this might be.

Is there any big supplement that SJGames is missing now? We've got Tactical Shooting, Gun Fu, Martial Arts, and soon Social Engineering; Low through Ultra and Bio techs as well as VDS eventually; Space, Fantasy, Horror, Supers, and Mystery; and Magic, Powers, Psionic Powers, and Thaumatology. Those seem to hit all the basics for rules supplements, tech supplements, genre supplements, and supernatural powers supplements. What else would need to be of comparable size?

Also: What is 'big'? Obviously the 'tech' books are, but would Tactical Shooting or Psionic Powers be considered 'big'? They're 'only' 87 and 85 pages, respectively.

Anyways, I'm just curious what this mystery project might be. Hopefully something good.
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