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Default GURPS Action chase tracker

I made this simple tracker graphic after a recent session in which the players were involved in a chase. It is based on the chase rules found in GURPS Action 2: Exploits.

To use it:
Place a token(or mini/dice) for the Quarry and the Pursuer onto the graphic. Place an extra token for the Quarry onto the range band at whatever range the chase is to begin at (close, short, medium, long, extreme). When the Quarry and Pursuer choose their maneuvers for the turn place their tokens onto the boxes for the chosen maneuver. As the chase is resolved move the second Quarry token on the range band as needed.

If there are multiple Pursuers, then instead of using the range band to show how far the Quarry is from the Pursuer; use it to show how far the Pursuers are from the Quarry. This means you place a second token down for each Pursuer instead of a second token for the Quarry.

The tracker was primarily intended for use in a VTT environment, but it could be easily printed and used in face to face games.

Click here for the image >> GURPS Action Chase Tracker
Chase Tracker PDF (Scalable Print Version): G4eA_Chase_Tracker.pdf

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