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Default Re: Altering the Initiative Order

Originally Posted by ErhnamDJ View Post

I can't Wait to take my turn until after Jim-Bob the cleric does something?
Sure you can.

Originally Posted by KingJohn View Post

I need to declare what I am waiting for, and what I will do when that triggers, every round.
Yes, but you are allowed to name broad triggers and broad reactions as long as they aren't vague (not the same as broad) and provided that your maneuver is declared. A perfectly legal Wait would be "I wait until after my pal Jim-Bob acts, and then take an Attack maneuver against whomever Jim-Bob attacked, or my nearest foe otherwise." Complex? Sure, but it's legal. The trigger and action are specified, and most important, the maneuver is declared.

That said, you certainly can elect to use less than your full resources. You're allowed to strike at lower ST, move at less than full Move, etc. There's no reason at all why you couldn't choose to operate at lower Basic Speed. Parents do this all the time when shepherding their kids!
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