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Default Re: GURPS Monster Hunters: what will you do with it?

Originally Posted by The Cardinal View Post
Now that GURPS Monster Hunters has been officially announced (DI):

What are your plans? What campaigns would you like to run? Or play in?
What kind of character templates do you expect?
OK so MH1 & MH2 have been released. Anyone started a campaign yet? If so how are things going? What setting are you using?

If set in a city, did you stat the city out using GURPS City Stats? Anyone setting their campaign in Baltimore MD? It's close by to me and I might set my campaign there if I stick with a modern era rather than Cyberpunk based game.

There appears to be a sample Baltimore city setting for the Dresden Files RPG and there's a free sample on the Dresden Files RPG site:

It might give some interesting ideas for that can be adapted for use in running a GURPS MH game set set in Baltimore. Note, I can't say how accurate the depiction of real world Baltimore is since although I live nearby I don't spend much time there.
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