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Default Re: My Book Recommendations

(Moving this out of the old "Who's next?" thread and adding some links.)

Here's where one can find the most detailed information about each canonical Superior. The lists are sorted alphabetically by Archangel, then alphabetically by Demon Prince(ss).

  • Blandine (Dreams): Superiors 3
  • David (Stone): Superiors 1
  • Dominic (Judgment): Superiors 1
  • Eli (Creation): Superiors: Eli
  • Gabriel (Fire): Superiors 3
  • Khalid (Faith): Superiors 3
  • Laurence (The Sword): Superiors 1
  • Litheroy (Revelation): Superiors: Litheroy
  • Michael (War): Superiors 1
  • Yves (Destiny): Superiors 3
  • Zadkiel (Protection): Superiors: Zadkiel
  • Alaemon (Secrets): Superiors 4
  • Andrealphus (Lust): Superiors 2
  • Asmodeus (The Game): Superiors: Asmodeus
  • Fleurity (Drugs): Superiors 4
  • Haagenti (Gluttony): Superiors 2
  • Kobal (Dark Humor): Superiors 2
  • Lilith (Freedom): Superiors: Lilith
  • Mammon (Greed): Superiors 4
  • Nybbas (The Media): Superiors 2
  • Valefor (Theft): Superiors 4
  • Vapula (Technology): Superiors 4

All are available at Warehouse 23.

Expanded but not complete writeups:
  • Baal (The War): The Final Trumpet
  • Beleth (Nightmares): The Marches
  • Belial (Fire): The Marches
  • Kronos (Fate): Heaven and Hell
  • Malphas (Factions): The Final Trumpet
  • Saminga (Death): Night Music

All are dead-tree books, also available in PDF. The writeups in these books supplement the core rulebook, rather than replacing those writeups.

Basic writeups:
Incomplete notes - not enough for even a basic writeup:
Merely mentioned somewhere:
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