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Default Re: GURPS Monster Hunters: what will you do with it?

Okay, I was thinking I could walk away from this thread for a while, but there's just too much activity here to ignore! I suppose it won't hurt to comment on a few things . . .

Originally Posted by Crakkerjakk View Post
Care to give any hints as to what point values the templates are, or at least a ballpark?
Hmm... let's just say, "More expensive than a delver, less expensive than a black op," and leave it at that for now.

Originally Posted by Randyman View Post
The biggest thing I liked about Black Ops was that the PCs were (conceptually) literally the best that humanity could be - not by accident, but by the hardest of hard work on top of natural gift. As long as the templates in MH convey that "Ultimate Pro From Dover" tone, I'm good. :)
Several do, yes. But you've also got to make room for those who are "the best" because they have a special edge; e.g., being a reformed monster or possessing special abilities. Inhuman and empowered heroes are a huge part of the genre as well, after all -- see Angel, Hellboy/BPRD, Constantine, Night Watch, etc.

That said, the series will explicitly support any GM who wishes to restrict certain abilities. If you pick up MH and decide (as GM) that you're only allowing normal humans who are strictly "badass via training," you'll still find more than enough templates, options, rules, etc., to create and run a diverse group of hunters. (Just like you could run a Night-Watch-style game where everyone has to be a reformed monster or empowered human, and still be able to put a team together.)

Originally Posted by Crakkerjakk View Post
I personally prefer that relatively ordinary people with enough preparation and luck can take down some of the lower powered monsters.
The lowered-powered ones? Sure. I'm beefing up zombies a bit, for example, but in a contest of Sheriff vs. Slow Zombie, the Sheriff is almost certainly going to win. Now, in a contest of Sheriff vs. 20 Slow Zombies, the outcome is far less certain.

While I like my psychic gun-fu spec ops as much as the next guy, I'd also like for there to be enough wiggle room for me to run some "up and coming" style games.
Ah, then you're going to love MH4.

Originally Posted by SimonAce View Post
if calling the police or SWAT is not an occasional option than its too cinematic
It all comes down to believability. Not realism, mind you, but believability in the sense of "suspension of disbelief."

To whit, let's say that in a game, the heroes occasionally find themselves so overwhelmed that they retreat and instead call in the police or SWAT. That means that the police/SWAT are the cavalry -- they're better-equipped to deal with this monster menace than the PCs are. So why on earth are the PCs risking their lives to do it? Eventually, it becomes harder and harder to believe that this crew of "ragtag monster hunters" is really doing a better job by getting involved themselves than if they'd just figure out what's going on, inform the police, and move on.

Even if the group doesn't regularly call in SWAT, this paradigm sends the clear message that the buck stops with the police, not with the PCs. If things get really bad, it's ultimately someone else who will need to fix it, not the supposed "monster hunters." IMO, that takes away a huge chunk of responsibility and ownership, even if the team never once makes that 911 call.

And to be clear, there may be some groups who enjoy the game even if the "climax" of the adventure frequently consists of them backing off and calling for someone else to clean up their mess. But I just can't believe that's a common thing.

Originally Posted by vitruvian View Post
Resistant to anti-tank weapons? Really? I didn't know it was covering giant monsters in such depth...
Nah, no giant monsters initially -- it's hard to keep The Secret when you're fighting Godzilla in the middle of downtown. This is more about dealing with the crazy amounts of damage that SMGs, assault rifles, etc., can deal out.
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