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Originally Posted by TheSkywise View Post
I'm so excited!!! WOO HOO!!!
I hope to deliver a final draft early in the new year (and then it will be up to production). Lots of "bits" to deal with but the heroic playtesters have now designed dozens of vehicles of all types with reasonable success (and some failures, which I'm fixing) so the system is certainly "mostly functional" at this point

What is being handled now are various complex rules - for example, yesterday was spent refining the pressure hull rules to give more accurate results for crush depth and simplifying the rules mechanic for folding subassemblies, and attempting to assemble a list of rules that seemed overly "fiddly" (taking up too much space or effort for the amount of value they received) and which could be slimmed down without losing flavor to save space and simplify the process. I have a big list of things to go through that turned up in the playtesting, and each change has to be checked against other rules. In some ways, VDS is kind of like a giant manual (Steampunk era?) computer program...
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