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Default [OOC] Worlds of Fire

There is a war.

An enemy that cannot be reasoned with is fighting for its survival. But its survival means the extinction of 90% of the Humans in the multiverse. You, and those beside you, are all that stands between the Blazen and a Humanity that may never know how close it came to armagedon.

Current Players
Lamech - John Lazarus - Magical investigator and troubleshooter
EricTheRed - Michael - Telepath
pfharlock - Sourn
There are currently places available

House Rules
Clarifications on some GURPS rules as they are applied in this game: House Rules

Player Characters
Player characters are built to the following criteria:
  • 290 points + 50 point disadvantage limit
  • The campaign is run at TL8; characters may take any TL with appropriate adjustment of points
  • Backgrounds for characters can vary hugely; Human is the basic option however within the limits laid down here any race or species is acceptable; for those distinctly non-Human looking consult the Equipment section (below) as blending in will be a requirement on occasions
  • Magic, Psi and other options are all available. The campaign is not intended to be cinematic, but the full range of abilities can be assumed to be available (GM reserves veto)
  • Characters will find it best to be versatile in their style (please read this post)
  • New characters begin play at the Western Harbour having chosen to join the fight against the Blazen. See the backgrounds below for suggestions on how the character arrived there
  • Jumper (World) and Jumper (Time) are 0 point advantages; transport will be available where necessary to bypass this issue where necessary
  • The GM possesses the following: GURPS Basic Set (Characters & Campaigns), Powers, Psionic Powers, Magic, Discworld Also, Space, Low-, High-, Ultra-tech and a slightly twisted imagination. This list may be expanded in the near future. Equipment, abilities and skills from other reference material may be used provided explanation is given when required. New equipment may be developed with GM consultation.
  • Characters all gain the following freebies at no points cost.

The Front Line
The Front Line is the area on the edge of the Blazen's conglomerate universe. Because of the nature of the war, certain restrictions are placed on those who visit the Front Line:
  • Minimal cultural interference - try to avoid messing things up
  • No geography lessons - must minimise the number who know about other worlds
  • No time travel - the Blazen haven't tried using it yet, lets not give them ideas
  • Fate has been revoked - the future is undetermined; advantages, disadvantages or skills relating to the future (Destiny, Oracle, etc) will not function while on the Front Line. Purely logical deduction (Visualisation for instance) will still function as normal.

Points may still be spent on advantages relating to restricted situations (Jumper (Time) for instance), however these will not function most of the time.

Suggested Character Backgrounds:
You were picked out for your useful skills, and asked to join up in the fight against the Blazen. Maybe you were a world-jumper who found your way into the area around the Front Line and demonstrated some kind of impressive skill. Maybe you were native to a universe on the Front Line and recruited for your assistance to the CI team. Recruits have already proved themselves to some degree and tend to go in at a higher level of operations than Foundlings as they are already useful.

Foundlings have a lot to prove; rescued from situations because of circumstances rather than because of their skills, Foundlings have normally lost their entire world or have some reason to try to get away from what they faced in their own world. They don't necessarily have useful skills and tend to require a lot of training in order to make themselves useful.

Tech Level and Equipment
The Western Harbour does not operate in a cash economy; the idea of using money when the Harbour has access to a dozen types of Universal Constructor, pattern replicators, and various types of exotic manufactory, trying to put an actual value on physical goods is somewhat hopeless, particularly with the vast difference in cultures and backgrounds that are present.

That being said, you cannot simply requisition whatever equipment you want. Credit is extended based a flat rate plus bonuses depending on success at missions. Credit is allocated along with XP at the end of missions; new characters can assume that their credit equals their starting wealth as per normal rules. Prices for equipment are set as per TL8 (multiply up or down accordingly).

Equipment standards
Characters are, as a rule, not allowed access to equipment from a higher TL than their own (characters may buy up their TL to gain access to new equipment).
All equipment can be assumed to be one level of quality higher than standard at no added cost.
MALF is ignored for equipment unless players specifically wish to include it; MALF and quality are used to define resale price and the like for the most part.

Language: English
Subtitles: Klingon/ Centauri for the hard of hearing
Surround Sound by You ImaginationŽ
Colour: PAL
Running Time: The same length as that piece of string
Widescreen Format: Full Surround 3D
Violence: Infrequent, fantastic
Sex/ Nudity: By reference (mostly in part 1)
Theme/ Content: World-jumping (feel free to be a tourist)
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