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Default Re: GURPS Bestiary - 4th ed.

Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
well be nice if it was filled with monsters like the D&D monster manuals rather than filled with normal animals
Dungeon Fantasy 13: Monsters 1 is, I believe, close to being released. Rest assured that this volume will contain this sort of creatures, and the list will grow with Monsters 2, 3 . . . if we are luckly and the product is successful.

For animals and natural beasts (mostly) many of us still use the GURPS Bestiary for GURPS Third Edition. And there's the weird (IMO) GURPS Fantasy Bestiary, too. (And maybe Third Edition Space Bestary, or something like that, although I don't like to mix sci-fi elements into fantasy. And then there's GURPS Horror, Blood Types, Undead, etc, with more third edition creatures).

Speaking about DF 13: Monsters 1, I would like to see a relatively "hefty" volume (50 pages or more)

Additionally I have the concern of the art for a book like this: since a considerable amount of the art in the PDF releases by Steve Jackson Games consists on "recycled" pieces of art from third edition publications (and never before published pieces, too, years ago produced for third edition books, but then discarded -for reasons of space, or other different ones), I wonder how these new monsters are going to have their corresponding illustrations.

Sure not all of them need to be "new monsters" requiring specific brand-new illustrations, and I acknowledge not every single monster is going to deserve a particular illustration, but still . . .
...And I'm aware SJG's PDF releases are including some new, original art pieces specifically designed for the release at hand, too.

PS: I wrote this in a hurry . . . Apologies for the inaccuracies.
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