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Hugo Stiglitz 07-21-2021 05:20 AM

Zombie Dice 2: Double Features
Hi everyone, I wanted to ask a question about the Zombie Dice game. I have the "ZD2 Double Feature" expansion. I didn't quite understand how saving characters with each other works.
1) If I get only 1 brain with the Hunk die, can I save only one die (Santa or Hottie) or do I have to have 2 brains with the Hunk die to save both characters?
2) the Santa die: How does the helmet work? If I get the helmet symbol, do I put it aside and leave it on the table, until I'm dead or do I decide to retire? Do I roll the other 2 dice and can I survive with 4 shotguns (then die with 5 shotguns)?
3) the Santa die: How does the Energy Drink work? If with the die I get the Energy Drink symbol, then for example a die with green footprints, and a die with yellow footprints, I turn the die with green footprints into a brain, then I roll the die with the footprints again yellow together with two new dice taken from the bag and meanwhile the dice with the Energy Drink remains on the table and always turns the footprints green, for how long? thank you very much

johndallman 07-25-2021 04:11 PM

Re: Zombie Dice 2: Double Features
You're much more likely to get an answer to this in the "Board and Dice Games" forum.

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