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Alan Hume 12-10-2010 09:33 AM

Using Hot Wheels
Ok, lost the plot here a little bit

I just saw the wonderful 3d arenas posted here but they have totally confused me as the guy there has the arena 'mapped out' with grid paper

how do i convert the rules so that I can play with the model cars but jsut use tape measures to move them and suchlike?

swordtart 12-10-2010 12:49 PM

Re: Using Hot Wheels
No conversion necessary.

The grid just makes it easier to move things when you are aligned with the grid. As soon as you make a turn, you loose that advantage. If anything a Hex grid might be more effective as the complete rotation is in 12 divisions.

I suspect the grid is more a nod to where the game came from rather than adding real value.

Alan Hume 12-11-2010 10:56 AM

Re: Using Hot Wheels
thanks, it has been literally YEARS since I have played Car Wars (shame on me huh:.) so hence the stupid question:,)

mattsd454 12-24-2010 09:46 AM

Re: Using Hot Wheels
You'd need to scale up for weapons range, wouldn't you? The "average" Hot Wheels car is probably 2" long, so you would only need to go to 1" = 7.5 feet instead of 1" = 15 feet.

Great idea, though. This would be awesome to play.

owenmp 12-24-2010 12:11 PM

Re: Using Hot Wheels
I cannot speak for Austin Searles, the builder of the 3D arena, however I can offer my thoughts.

A grid on a 3D arena makes set up much easier. Consider the challenge of setting up a 3D Midville map without a grid.

If you run games like Warhammer 40K and other miniatures games, where measuring range is considered a firing action, a grid makes estimation of ranges without using ammunition easier.

Playing Car Wars with range measurement as a firing action provides an opportunity to make targeting computers more valuable. In this type of gaming environment, I have considered vehicles with targeting computers (standard and single weapon models) can measure ranges without using firing actions.

Hot Wheels, Matchbox and most other 1:64 diecast cars are most appropriately used for 3X Car Wars scale games.

A car will be 3" in length and 1.5" in width in 3X Car Wars scale.

A motorcycle will be 1.5" in length and 1.5" in width in 3X Car Wars scale. Micro Machines are ideal for 1.5X Car Wars scale. Because Micro Machines motorcycles are 1.5" x 1.5", those miniatures are ideal for use in 3X Car Wars games.

Jada Battle Machines are slightly larger than 3X Car Wars scale. I recommend mounting the vehicles on 3X Car Wars bases and raise the miniatures on the bases. Use the bases for all movement and firing arcs as standard practice in miniatures games.

The articles below are helpful when using gridless maps and upscaling. You will need to adjust some of the rules to make the articles compatible with Car Wars Compendium 2.5.

* Upscaling Car Wars. ADQ 2/3.
* Advanced Maneuvering System. ADQ 5/1.
* Advanced Maneuvering System. ADQ 6/2.

owenmp 12-25-2010 06:52 PM

Re: Using Hot Wheels
The Gear Jammer Motor Works Web site has a variant movement system that uses a hex grid.

Gear Jammer Motor Works - Red Hook Autoduellists Handling Variant System

Download the Adobe Acrobat file before the Web site disappears on December 31st.

kimba 01-21-2011 10:54 AM

Re: Using Hot Wheels
First I must apologize for my absence from the forums. I have been trying to find a happy medium between games and home. Alas, as of yet I have been completely unsuccessful.

now to answer the question why do I use the grid on my boards? The answer is a combination of the answers from both owenmp and swordtart.

first and for most the grid is what I know, so it is a complete nod to the original game.

second - as I teach a lot of people to play, the grid helps the learning process for moving. it is easier to visualize where your car Will be at the end of the round. easier to estimate when you need to slow down for that 90 degree turn coming up.

and C.. (just kidding) third it is so much easier to set up all the pieces in a cohesive fashion when I have the grids to go off of.

last is the creation of the boards to begin with. it was so much easier to make the smaller pieces with the grid on the board than without.

hope this answers your question.

Alan Hume 01-21-2011 12:56 PM

Re: Using Hot Wheels
Thanks for all the help here guys, I'm a lot clearer on things now

Guntruck40 01-25-2011 07:20 PM

Re: Using Hot Wheels
I have a 9 foot pooltable in the basement that is never used.

I Have a bunch of hotwheels cars kicking around.

I have a modestly equipped woodshop

I have a 23 year old son who is an Uber gamer.

I jusr ordered the Carwars compendium on line ( haven't played in over 20 years :(

I have all of the mad max movies.

I have decent model making and miniature painting skills.

Oh yea and I actually got to play carwars for real in Iraq for a year. I was a gunner in a guntruck platoon doing convoy escort. You would not BELEIVE how bad Iraqis drive.

I'm glad I found this site

Yeah, this is gonna get ugly boys and girls. Please keep this thread alive. Mondos suck! :D

Alan Hume 05-02-2011 03:13 PM

Re: Using Hot Wheels
Well, I guess the post died, sheesh

I am back on track with enthusiasm about building a (basic) set up
to play with hotwheels on but no idea if I will ever get it (or the cars) done

still, be good if I could:.)

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