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BgBoiBritches 06-10-2021 03:19 PM

GURPS Low ScFi Fantay Rimworld ripoff!
World Details:
- Futuresque fantasy setting, with a savage/lost world appeal to it.
- Running epic fantasy campaign in which one would fight the mechanoid menace! Or a more centered
story of solving murder cases regarding the supernatural!
- Large world with many different and interesting cultures, lands and animals to discover/explore!
- On top of this, expect multiple instances of ultra tech (bionics, weapons and clothing) being loot in this campaign!
Expected Books to Use:
- Basic Set
- Low Tech
- Psi Tech
- Powers
- Psionic Powers
- Gurps Lite
Tech Level: TL3 with many elements of TL0-TL10 equipment in the world.
7:30 PM UTC (Or 3:30pm EST) on Sunday bi-weekly
Session Length:
~3 hours at most.
Session to be ran:
- On discord, Roll20
- With Pseudobot
- And a fillable character sheet
GM: Quite inexperienced, don't really expect much.
Also, no one in this group (Players) has any sort experience, so I expect you to be a "rules lawyer" I guess.
On Discord, name is Risko#7973, DM me if interested.

PBarone714 06-20-2021 01:57 AM

Re: GURPS Low ScFi Fantay Rimworld ripoff!
How many character points, and what is the Disadvantage Limit?? What day and time do you play? What's your webpage address???

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