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pmpappas 04-29-2021 06:29 PM

Fantastic promos and why it's hard to find them.
The list of Munchkin promo cards and bookmarks for sale at W23 has not been updated in some time and many are out of stock.

Please consider adding newer promo cards, bookmarks, and other promotional items for individual purchase at W23 and in bundles like W23 Boosters, Hidden Treasures, and Bookmark Collection. SJG's continued production of promos and the robust secondary market, with often inflated prices, seem to indicate an ongoing demand.

While I have never been disappointed by the quantity of mixed old and new promos in a W23 order, there is a constant and understandable call to support your FLGS, which in my experience across the country rarely have any promos or interest in obtaining them. Certain conventions can be a source of promos, but that is not a viable option for most people.

For now, it appears we can either order from W23 and obtain some of the newer promos, or support our FLGS and forgo the promos altogether. I'm hoping for a third alternative, but that is as are all things, to be decided by the Secret Masters.

Devin Lewis 05-03-2021 08:38 AM

Re: Fantastic promos and why it's hard to find them.
As you may have noticed, things have slowed down quite a bit due to that pesky pandemic. Rest assured that while the pipeline isn't quite moving the way we'd like it to, things are moving, and there are definitely new things on the way!

I'll have a chat with our store liaison and see if she can't find a way to get more promo cards to stores.

pmpappas 05-03-2021 05:17 PM

Re: Fantastic promos and why it's hard to find them.
Awesome on both counts! Thanks!

As for that pesky pandemic, in my mind the implications are so obvious I rarely rehash them at this point, because I find it redundant. But considering a) how many people don't have a clue as to the seriousness of the pandemic and b) I was complaining (regardless of the fact I tried to be respectful and rational), I should have explicitly stated I understood the pandemic was likely a factor affecting the issue.

In retrospect I realize without that reference I may have come off as petty, maybe even if I had included it, but in my defense the lure of the promo is strong in this one. It may not be a good reason, but at least it's an excuse. ;-)

Just to be clear, I think SJG has done a great job in a very difficult situation and I really do mean that. I'd stop throwing my money at you if I didn't.

All praise to the Secret Masters and their beloved promos!

Devin Lewis 05-04-2021 03:17 PM

Re: Fantastic promos and why it's hard to find them.
Happy to be of assistance!

I really didn't take your message as petty or anything of the sort, your desire for more promos is perfectly valid.

My 'as you may have noticed' was meant more as dry observational wit rather than any exasperation.

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