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ericthered 08-20-2018 08:17 AM

Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
She knew not what came before. Not who she was, nor why she did it. All she remembered was the dream. She dreamed of a grand spaceship. It felt odd and foreign to her, though she didn't know why. The ship was long and thin, with fatter base and a large but thin rimmed wheel running around the fat base, supported by 4 long spokes. Below the ship, a glittering jewel of a planet gleamed. Not earth. What was earth? She couldn't remember. She also had a faint inkling that she spaceships belonged only in dreams. The planet below was blue and green and white, a nice place to live. maybe. Her dream moved to the planet's surface: a lush spot, full of vegetation. And yet it was kept in some way. That, over there, was a wall of plants built intentionally. She wasn't sure why, be she knew it was. and these plants in the center, where also intentional.

She woke up on a cold floor. plastic? linoleum? it was some sort of ultra-hard plastic, almost without seems. Or was it ceramic? Opening her eyes, she was in a small room. More plastic-ceramic stuff formed the walls. As she moved, a light recessed into the corners of the ceiling grew in brightness. the room was more of a hall, not quite 4 feet across, maybe less, and only about 7 feet long. Wide Panels were on the long sides of the walls, 6 feet by 3 feet, almost unadorned. One end of the hall had a panel the size of a door in it, made of the same black substance as everything else, and lacking . On other side was a smaller panel, perhaps the size of a refrigerator door. The sole raised surface in the room was next to the door shaped panel, with a handle on what looks like an elevator manual control box.

And she was naked. She had no idea where this is, but she does know she has no business being here.

Plane 08-20-2018 11:09 PM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
"Jane Doe" reactions of exploration, assuming the environment doesn't react...

1s: Shivering in response to the cold black floor, she attempts to break get up by rolling onto her bony shins (Change Posture maneuver: Lying > Kneeling) and wrapping her right arm around her ribcage, trying to cover her exposed chest and contain some of her body's heat. Scanning the room, she worriedly examines the overhead lighting's response to her movements.

2s: (if nothing obvious occurs) get up the rest of the way (Change Posture maneuver: Kneeling > Standing, crouch for free at end of turn) choosing to get up in the hex closest to the large panel shaped like a door, while also wrapping left arm around abdomen/pelvis, also for modesty and warmth.

3s: (INOO) very carefully (All Out Defense: Enhanced Dodge) take a step towards the door and visually examine it (what is it lacking?)

4s: (INOO) hesitantly taking hands off her torso, touch the door to see if it's the same temperature as the cold floor. (Attack: Grapple)

5s: (INOO) try and push the door open (Attack: Shove w/ DX roll to hit, for thrust (1d-4)x2 non-injuring crush damage for knockback.)

6s: (INOO) repeat previous as All-Out Attack: Strong for (1d-2)x2 shove.

7s: (INOO) let go of the door (free action) and carefully (AOD:ED again) sidestep onto the raised service to the side of the door-panel,

8s: (INOO) grab the handle (Attack: Grapple) with both hands.

9s: (INOO) Evaluate the handle and the EMC box. Is the handle angled vertically or horizontally? Does it feel like it might move under pressure? Are there any symbols on it?

10s: (INOO) If there are no obvious instructions, she'll pull down slightly on the handle, to take some of the weight off her spin. (possibly Attack: Shove?)

11s: If nothing moves, gradually shifting more weight onto it as she continues to examine the panel. (AOA: Strong Shove like before)

ericthered 08-21-2018 09:35 AM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
She gets to her feet, covers herself for modesty and warmth, and examines her surroundings. The lights don't respond beyond that initial increase in brightness.

The "Door" has a clean seem cut into the wall, but no other adornments. Its flush with the wall, and made of the same material. Both the wall and the "door" are as cool as the floor.

The large panel doesn't budge or flex when she pushes it. That failing, she turns to the small raised cover, and pulls the handle. It takes some fiddling, but she figures out the correct way to turn the stiff handle, and the she is rewarded with a display of six buttons, a dial, and a lever. It seems there is also a speaker.

A voice sounds in the room, coming from the ceiling, rather than the speaker in the panel. "Can you hear me mam'm? Can you hear me?"

OCC: some of those actions will take a lot longer than you're describing. But in lost in dreams we generally don't drop into combat time unless combat is happening.

Plane 08-21-2018 03:34 PM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
(before the voice rang out did she notice anything about the display's 6 buttons or dial like any familiar symbols on them indicating any kind of purpose?)

Startled, she spins around looking toward the light at the ceiling in the center of the room, instinctively leaning back against the wall and dropping further into a crouch, using one arm to shield her eyes from the bright light and the other to cover her chest again.

(I notice I keep slipping into 1st person instead of 3rd and keep correcting that, hopefully won't spoil the tone/flow if that keeps happening and I miss it)

Hesitantly speaking in a low scared voice she replies "y...yes, I can hear you"

(Can she tell anything about the voice via the tone, like if it sounds masculine/femininst, calm/frantic, angry/caring?)

ericthered 08-22-2018 08:30 AM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
Yes, there are small icons on some of the buttons. One is simply red with an exclamation mark, one has a speaker symbol next to it, a few have symbols you're not familiar with. The dial seems to have a door symbol on it.

"Ok, I need you to keep calm. Do you know What's going on?". The voice is female. The speaker sounds cool-headed, and a touch authoritative. There is the slightest tinge of a foreign accent, but its too hard to place.

After the woman in the room responded the speaker cut her off for the next question:

"Ok, you're going to be all right. I'm sending some people down to take care of you. Stay calm, don't press the buttons or dial them, and keep talking to me. Do you understand?"

The woman keeps up a steady stream of chatter, constantly asking questions are declaring facts.

"I've dispatched some clothing for you to put on. I've had to guess at your size, but its better than nothing. Do you know where the clothes you were wearing are?"

"What can I call you?"

"What is the last thing that you remember?"

"You seem to be suffering from memory problems. We can take care of this. The people coming to help you have been notified"

After about 60 seconds of this, The panel opposite the door pulls up into the wall, and a simple set of plain olive clothing is in the cubby behind it. the design is non-descript, almost like scrubs or pajamas.

"We cannot reach your comm account. Do you have access to it?"

OCC: lost in dreams is one of the few PbP games where I see a lot of first person, and it really doesn't bug me. Its also really hard to use third person when the character has been explicitly deprived of a name.

Plane 08-22-2018 12:28 PM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
responding to the initial question "No, I don't know what's going on... who brought me here?"

Being cut off, she begins to reach for the speaker-button (assuming her response could not be heard) as the first sentence appears to ignore her counter-question...

Hearing the second sentence, she pauses before pressing the button. "I think I understand... so you can hear me too?"

"I don't remember anything about clothes... or what I'm called."

*walks across the room and puts on the olive PJ/scrubs* "Um... I guess you could call me Olive if you want."

*seems to be grasping at straws, looks at the walls all around her* "Olive... White?"

"What's a comm account?"

ericthered 08-23-2018 07:59 AM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
"yes, I can hear you. You're doing fine."

"If you wish to be called Olive I can do that."

"You seem to be suffering from memory loss Olive. Your comm system is how you interface with the ships electronic systems. Don't worry if you don't understand. Help is on the way. They're coming in now."

The door panel pulls into the side of the wall, and two people come into the room. Both seem to be east Asians of some sort, a man and a woman. They have a mobile bed platform they want to rush "Olive" onto, and they start scanning her and taking vital signs. The two are dressed in the same style of clothing as was sent to olivia, but the woman is wearing a sort of off-color pink and the man a near-white. They appear to be named Ozakia and Domoto.

The platform moves down the hall fairly quickly, judging from the breeze. The hall is every bit as austere and clean as the first room, and still covered in those panels. The hall feels strange, and looking down it is a bit disorienting. like its not strait, and curves upward. But Jane doesn't feel a curve. They pass other folks in the hall. All of them are adults, though their ethnicities are as cosmopolitan as any city she's ever seen. Their clothing is wildly different from what she and her first arrivals are wearing. The styles are all over the place, but most fit forms rather well, and they tend to be dark... except for the glowing lights on them. Some wear pictures, others wear videos on their clothing. mesmerizing patterns seem to be the most common design though: lines that move across the body, reverse shadows that brighten when crinkled, and lava-lamp like patterns.

Plane 08-24-2018 12:10 AM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
"Um... er..." *seems very overwhelmed by the 2 people and goes along with their bustling onto the platform fearfully... then is even more perturbed by the new people she's being pushed past*

(guessing I overheard them using each other's names or saw nametags)

"Miss Ozakia where are you taking me? Are we climbing a hill?"

ericthered 08-24-2018 12:05 PM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
"We're taking you to the East Medical Bay. No, its not a hill, its the Beagal.The ground curves because of gravity. Relax. We've got you. " She speaks with much less authority that the woman over the speaker system.

At the end of her trip, the halls get wider, and they began to make turns, though she only spots 1 real intersection, a T joint. There are more people, though it would be an exaggeration to say there were many more.

At the end, they suddenly turn left, and she's wheeled into a busy room. Where the halls have been black, mostly empty of people, and stubbornly devoid of features, this room bristles with people and equipment. 6 Mechanical arms with devices attached hang from the top. The panels in this room (covered in white stuff, not black) are mostly open, and they have all sorts of assorted small objects and narrow hoses. The room has 3 people in it, all looking fairly old but in good health. The youngest (if you can call him that) man wears an olive green jumpsuit much like hers, while the older man and woman wear red. The woman seems to be the oldest of the three, giving off a tiny old Asian grandmother vibe, but she moves with strength.

And its the little old woman who starts asking the questions. She introduces herself as "Dr. Kuse" <Ku-say>, and starts asking about "Olive"'s aches and pains, particularly about her head. She goes down a list of symptoms:
  • A Dull headache
  • Any pain around her head
  • Fatigue
  • Cravings for something
  • Dizziness and Nausea
  • De je vu
  • Odd dreams
  • Increased Focus
  • Uncontrollable spasms
"olive", of course, can't really report any of them.

Meanwhile, the man in olive start pushing buttons and administering tests. In as much as they can "Administer Tests". He informs her they will be taking her blood, and two of the arms swoop down from the ceiling. One has a needle, Another pulls out a piece of Velcro and starts wrapping her arm. The table she's on tilts and bends to become a highly inclined chair. Anther pair of arms with bulky equipment attached comes down and start circling around her, slowly lowering.

The man in red stares at the screens outputting data. Suddenly he says: "She doesn't have an ANI!" The others turn upon seeing this, and the two circling arms return to the level of her head.

Dr. Kuse asks "do you know what happened to your ANI?"

The man in olive comments "No trace of any scars. How on earth have you made it this far without an ANI?"

the man in red: "Ask her if she knows why. There may be a solid medical reason. Also, she isn't on the manifest, and all crew are accounted for. She's not supposed to be on the Beagle"

The room seems to be medical, and that's familiar to her. But some of the features strike her as off. Shouldn't there be a firmer leader among the three? And the arms moving by themselves are weird.

OCC: I'm giving as much flavor as I can while moving the plot forward to places she can make decisions. Let me know anything you need more detail on.

Plane 08-25-2018 01:30 AM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
"My head doesn't hurt and I just finished sleeping so I'm not tired yet, but I expect I will be by the end of the day. Nothing has spasmed."

"I'll probably feel hungry soon once I gain my bearings, but not for anything in particular."

"The curving and turning did make me feel a bit dizzy on the way over but that's because I've never been in a place like this before... maybe THIS is an odd dream? I've been focusing hard because this all seems so new. Before and after I woke up I'm seeing a lot of things I don't recognize..."

"I've never heard of an ANI, is that something to do with a Comm Account? Why would I have scars? Is this some kind of mandatory poultice?"

"Manifest... Crew... Beagle... is this some kind of a boat?"

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