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kaulesh 08-05-2013 09:36 AM

Re: Real-Life Weirdness
High-end toilet can be hijacked by anyone with an Android phone

I'm sure you could find several ideas in here.

Family believes their toilet is possessed - the lid flaps whenever someone enters the room, mimicking speech, and the toilet whispers "Feed me!"

A number of technophiles have been robbed. The MO is pretty similar in all cases - the home owner was locked into the bathroom while the crooks entered the home and stole the loot.

RevBob 08-05-2013 12:25 PM

Re: Real-Life Weirdness

Originally Posted by vicky_molokh (Post 1623940)
KULT? Max Schreck's Gomorrah?

No, I wasn't being clear - it's familiar in the "dimly remembered experience" sense, not in the "known concept" sense. More like a remembered dream than a recalled book.

Anders 08-05-2013 01:03 PM

Re: Real-Life Weirdness
Crime spree of the decade

Man wrecks Nashville in just nine hours.

Anaraxes 08-08-2013 10:19 PM

Re: Real-Life Weirdness
Put aside the Weird War II game for a second, because here's an adventure setup handed to you on a silver platter. It stars George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman, and Cate Blanchett... and it's even based on a true story.

"Time to put a team together and do our best to protect buildings, bridges, and art before the Nazis destroy everything."

"So you want to go into a war zone with some architects and artists and tell our boys what they can and cannot blow up?"

Centrum will certainly recognize the line, "You can destroy an entire generation of people's culture, it's as if they never existed."

So, we get to shoot some Nazis?

Flyndaran 08-09-2013 07:39 AM

Re: Real-Life Weirdness

Some goat cheeses are flammable creating toxic emissions for five days?

adm 08-09-2013 10:44 AM

Re: Real-Life Weirdness
Having raised dairy goats for a decade back in the mid '70s through the mid '80s, I would not be surprised. More seriously, it's most likely whatever the truck and trailer are made of.

William 08-09-2013 05:07 PM

Re: Real-Life Weirdness
Man flees Vietnam War with infant son for treehouse in the jungle.

40 years later, both of them are still there, wearing bark loincloths, barely speaking, foraging and raising cassava, corn and sugarcane.

William 08-09-2013 05:21 PM

Re: Real-Life Weirdness
Also, because I appear to be in that part of the Web today, have a walking blaxploitation film villain. Tavon White is in prison for racketeering and attempted murder. This apparently has little effect on his cash flow, which comes his way via the smuggling activities of his gang, the Black Guerrilla Family, and a quote, "harem of corrections officers," four of whom he has gotten pregnant.

He even has the 'stache for it.

William 08-09-2013 06:20 PM

Re: Real-Life Weirdness
And a third for luck. I'll stop after this one for today.

Anafia Lykov, now in her seventies, still lives in the Siberian wilderness, 250 miles from the nearest settlement, in the mountainside log hut built by her family of Old Believers fleeing Bolshevik persecution in the 1930s.

Born on the taiga, never having seen a human being other than her relatives until adulthood, she speaks a strange, soft, singsong version of Russian. She learned to read and write from an ancient Bible, and by accounts of those who contacted the family, is a hard worker whether by moonlight or winter sun, and is of pleasant disposition. Her hearty brother, before he met modern people, knew all the ways of the seasons and could hunt a deer across the snows for days, then come back bearing it on his shoulders; he was felled by simple pneumonia, refusing medical treatment to stay true to his faith.

She may be around for another twenty years, or depart the world tomorrow. If you visit this fragile soul, it would seem respectful to purify yourself first (avoid transmitting diseases). One gets the impression that a trip would be profitable for a would-be student of white magic.

RevBob 08-09-2013 06:42 PM

Re: Real-Life Weirdness

Originally Posted by Flyndaran (Post 1626175)
Some goat cheeses are flammable creating toxic emissions for five days?

"Get the cheese to sickbay." - Capt. K. Janeway

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