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ericthered 09-24-2018 06:59 AM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
Ostav is standing staring at a corner, but his voice sounds distracted as he responds: "the other chairs are 400 meters away or more. Besides, its the scanners we need most".

Dr. West: "He'll survive. At least in the short term!"

(no fright check required)

Jane suddenly realizes she noticed another cycle of stuffiness right before Mr. Welker started vomiting.

Mr. Welker does seem to be doing better. He starts, then says: "<explicative!> I got hit with an attack, didn't I?"

A robotic arm reaches down and begins wiping off his soiled clothing.

Mr. Welker: "That's a lot of <explicative>."

Dr. West: "Yes, one of the worst attacks we've seen."

Plane 09-25-2018 08:55 PM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
"Who's attacking you? Aliens?"

ericthered 09-26-2018 10:18 AM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
Dr. Kuse: "Neural attacks. They aren't caused by anyone. Sort of like a heart attack."

Mr. Welker: "Oh, that one was unpleasant."

Dr. West: "There is nothing left to see. It passes too fast. Shall you get back in the Chair Ostav?"

Dr. Ostav: (grimacing) "Yeah, I'm on it."

"Olive" hears her stomach rumble, and she feels hungry. She has no idea when she last ate.

Plane 09-26-2018 11:56 AM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
"Do you think these attacks might be caused by anything in this new environment? Like perhaps eating plants from this planet? If not, I'm feeling like I could settle for boiled bark at this point..."

ericthered 09-26-2018 12:23 PM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
Dr. Ostav recoils "Eating the plants from the planet? how stupid do you think we are?"

Dr. Kuse: "The memory loss has done a number on her. Olive, we're looking at what could have changed, and it has to be something new about this environment. We haven't exchanged with the planet yet, so right now we think its probably something to do with the trip. Or some strange phenomenon in this part of space."

Mr. Welker: "We do need to feed you and get you a berth, don't we? Lets get you into one of the spare pods. And get you some food."

Plane 09-26-2018 07:42 PM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
"Well I didn't mean native fauna so much as perhaps planting your own seeds in soil there if it had the right mineral composition."


"Thanks I am very hungry"

ericthered 09-27-2018 08:04 AM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
Dr. Kuse: "We haven't handed anything yet."

"Olive" is lead down the hall by Mr. Welker, back into the dark grey hall with rows of panels. He opens one of the doors, and says "This is your room. A system access unit will come in 32 minutes."

One of the four panels in the wall slides open, the one on the lower left. It shows a small padded chamber with bedding, maybe 3 feet across, 3 feet high, and 7 feet long.

"Anything to ask before I leave?"

Plane 09-27-2018 11:55 AM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
"When I'm done resting and eating here, how do I get out and where should I go?"

ericthered 09-27-2018 01:07 PM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
Mr. Welker: "Up until the system access unit come, you don't. Once it comes, you'll be able to open doors, order items, and access data you have been approved for."

"This is where you'll be staying. You should go to..."

He stops.

"Rooms require an ANI. So you mean physically."

"--You need to stay here. You actually don't have a proper role on the beagle. So there is little reason for you to wander about, and something of a risk. If you need to stretch your legs, contact me on the System Access Unit."

Plane 10-02-2018 01:03 PM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)
"I take it this System Access Unit... SAU?... is not an implant like the ANI? Hopefully I'll figure it out... I'm not prone to stretching my legs but should feel better if I do later."

*lies down to rest*

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