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WaterAndWindSpirit 06-18-2019 10:44 AM

Magical Gadgeteer?
Hell everyone!

What breaks if instead of making (Quick) Gadgeteer a Cinematic advantage, I make it a Paranormal advantage as a field of Technopathy, thus treating Magery (0 for gadgeteer, 2 for Quick) as an Unusual Background, use the After the End rules for making improvised versions of already existing tech (including the fact they only sell for 40% of their market value and also for tech that have a LC reducing it by 1 to account for the fact they're badly perceived by law enforcement), and the gadgets a gadgeteer produces work for everyone but cannot be reproduced by anyone else except another Gadgeteer (sure you can have that Laser Rifle one TL early but you have to make the power cells yourself, good luck finding a buyer for a weapon they can't resupply on their own, and you have to use the Invention Rules for coming up with a design before crafting it AtE style)? And even then, your gadgets won't be compatible with other technopaths' (like you can't use another technopath's energy cells for your rifle unless you make a simple repair and check your margin of success and bugs to see how many cells you adapt), and any high tech "consumable" (ammunition, power cells, etc) have to be handcrafted.


evileeyore 06-18-2019 03:37 PM

Re: Magical Gadgeteer?

Originally Posted by WaterAndWindSpirit (Post 2269682)
What breaks if ...

Nothing. Sounds interesting. I might steal it later...

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