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KataH 06-11-2019 02:37 PM

GCA4 - Improvements
Is it possible to do some improvements to GCA4 since GCA5 looks like it is at best a year or more off?
1. Improvement: Run better on 64bit machines and under Windows 10?
2. Cosmetic improvements such as displaying the Page reference filed along with Skill names, Equipment names, and Traits names? It is such a pain to have to add the item, takes a few seconds, then open\edit the item, takes even more time - just to find out what book and page number this particular item is from. Then have to close the edit screen, then remove the item. Process is cumbersome and slow.
Thanks for your time Armin.

Angel Darkover 06-11-2019 05:30 PM

Re: GCA4 - Improvements
Actually, you can get the page info really easily. Go to the View menu and turn on the View Info Window. This adds an extra pane to the right of the character info. The info window shows you info about whatever is selected, which means that you can get the page reference by just clicking on a trait or skill (or whatever) without even needing to add it to the character, let alone needing to add, open, edit, etc. I have found it more useful on tabs other than quickview, where you are provided a full list of things to peruse.

Hope that helps some of the frustration.

Armin 06-11-2019 06:09 PM

Re: GCA4 - Improvements

Originally Posted by KataH (Post 2268315)
Is it possible to do some improvements to GCA4 since GCA5 looks like it is at best a year or more off?

No, I'm afraid there is not.

One of the reasons I'm personally super frustrated about the long delay getting GCA5 done, is that I literally can't create new builds of GCA4. If I could, I would have continued releasing maintenance updates beyond the data only updates we've had the last few times.

And because the modern versions of the tools I have are significantly different from the old ones, there was a huge amount of rewriting that had to be done just to get any sort of baseline version of the old code working. I did that, and that was the basis for 5, onto which I then rewrote even more and added some new stuff. But, basically, there's no practical way I can update 4 as 4.

I am in the process (slowly, but proceeding) of tying off bits and pieces that aren't done, so that I can hopefully get some sort of build of 5 out before we lose yet another year on it. (The core application looks pretty solid, but it'll take a lot of hammering users to find the problems that are likely hiding inside.)

I really don't want to leave users without the new stuff any longer than I have to.

KataH 06-11-2019 08:30 PM

Re: GCA4 - Improvements
Thanks Armin for the explanation and thanks Angel for somethign I should have thought og myself - doh!

Oxnard 06-17-2019 09:05 AM

Re: GCA4 - Improvements
Thanks, Armin, for keeping this going.
Iím teaching my kids to play, and itís a big help.

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