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DouglasCole 05-19-2020 09:34 AM

More Perilous Journeys: Now LIVE on Kickstarter
The More Perilous Journeys campaign, producing five new old-school adventures for TFT, is now live!*

What books?

The campaign features five new adventures. Three expect you to run with a GM at the helm; the other two are solo adventures.

Roc of Sages (Christopher R. Rice and J. Edward Tremlett).*Beset by Collectors - assassins from the Indhyna League - the party must journey to the Isle of Greater Zosi to collect items for the semi-corporeal Jok Sevantes. Of course, there are several dangerous stops along the way. Roc of Sages is designed for 4-6 characters of 34-36 points.

Catacombs of Living Death*(Christopher R. Rice and J. Edward Tremlett).*Following the events of Roc of Sages, Jok Sevantes again calls the party to aid him. They must venture forth through a plague-stricken land, and enter the Catacombs of Eulogia to recover the Helm of Baat. Simple enough . . . but things are not always as they appear. Catacombs of Living Death is designed for 4-6 characters of 36-38 points.

The Sunken Library*(Christopher R. Rice and J. Edward Tremlett).*Set immediately following Catacombs, the players flee the plague-ridden landscape beset by numerous foes. Sevantes' plans reach their climax as his partners must bring all of the previously found artifacts beneath the depths of a lake in Meloria. There, a lost tome sits in the sunken Great Library of Meloria, and matters become treacherously clear. The Sunken Library *is designed for 4-6 characters of 36-38 points.

Dragon Hunt! (David Pulver).*Baron Gwalathar's armies marched off to war. Without its defenders, the dragons of the wild sensed weakness, ravaging the realm. The young Baroness Tanith Gwalathar calls for heroes: Itís time for a dragon hunt! This is a solo/programmed adventure for one 37-39 point character or two 35-36 point characters. It can optionally also be run with a GM.

Dark Lord's Doom (David Pulver).*Another*Dark Lord is on the march, threatening to bring death and destruction to all who oppose, and maybe a few who don't. This solo/programmed adventure features a squad of soldiers fighting in an all-out war to defeat the evil Lord Saethor and his allies before it's too late. Will the Dark Lord's doom fall upon the party, or on the villain himself? *Dark Lord's Doom is designed for 4 characters of 33-36 points each.

Read More, and Join the Campaign!

DouglasCole 05-25-2020 09:23 AM

Re: More Perilous Journeys: Now LIVE on Kickstarter
Brief update this morning!

Holiday Weekend
For those in the USA, it's Memorial Day, the day dedicated to those who died in the armed service of their country (Veterans Day honors those still alive who served). At least here in Minnesota, it traditionally rains like is no exception.

Campaign Progress
In development news, the campaign stands less than $100 from hitting 80% funding, and still with 19 days to go. We're in the period best characterized as "the doldrums," which is that slow, steady period of funding between the first 2-3 day rush after launch and the last 48 hours near the end.

This is where a few re-shares, tweets, or forum posts by not-the-publisher have the most impact. At the current rate, we likely only need about 90 pledges to fund. We have nearly 400 people following the campaign who have not yet backed. This means there's enough 'latent' interest to not just fund, but succeed spectacularly.

Cover Work
I received an update to the work-in-progress image on the cover of Dragon Hunt. I liked it so much that I asked the artist if she had time to do the other four...she does, and she will. I'm procuring these covers in the anticipation that we fund, of which I have no doubt.

We've already talked about some changes. The dragon on the front cover will have fore-limbs added, to better match up with the TFT lore. The ruins in the background get more detail. Everything, in fact, gets more detailed as things go forward, and she touches up the details, adds textures, and does whatever it is artists of her caliber do. I can't wait to see it. The next four will come out roughly every two weeks thereafter, meaning I should have those done by the end of July.

Check out the campaign at More Perilous Journeys.

If you're one of the 395 people following the campaign who have not yet backed . . . I strongly encourage jumping on board sooner rather than later. The moment the campaign funds I start procuring artwork and other finishing touches, so the sooner we fund, the shorter the time to delivery!

DouglasCole 05-29-2020 09:29 AM

Re: More Perilous Journeys: Now LIVE on Kickstarter
We are ten days in to the More Perilous Journeys crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. We're over 350 backers, who have collectively pledged just under $21,000 of the $25,000 needed to fund. With 15 days left to go, the chances of us funding are strong.

Even so . . . funding sooner is better than funding later, for two reasons. One, a funded project draws even more backers, which is good for everyone. Second, as soon as the project funds, I start commissioning art and finalizing layout and editing. Basically lopping time off the back end of the schedule, targeting early delivery.

I've already started with some of the art: Ksenia Kozhevnikova, a long-time collaborator on Gaming Ballistic projects, is working on the cover for the 40-page solo/programmed adventure Dragon Hunt! You can see her Work-in-Progress image here. I loved this work so much I've asked her to do the other four covers as well.

The good news is that while we have 355 backers so far, we have over 400 folks currently "following" the campaign who have not yet pledged. Perhaps you're one of them.

If so, I would ask that you consider pledging sooner rather than later, if you can. COVID has messed up everyone's plans and finances this year, of course, No getting around it. But jumping in now really helps the progress of the project, and once we hit that milestone, I can start engaging with the art team to move things along even faster.

Fifteen days to go!

Chris Rice 06-01-2020 03:36 AM

Re: More Perilous Journeys: Now LIVE on Kickstarter
Ok. Finally gave in and backed it 😊😊

DouglasCole 06-01-2020 07:28 AM

Re: More Perilous Journeys: Now LIVE on Kickstarter

Originally Posted by Chris Rice (Post 2326535)
Ok. Finally gave in and backed it 😊😊

Thank you!

This one is a nail-biter. We are ALMOST there. With 12 days left we're 89% funded. That we're not there already would be super-scary, but there are 413 folks following but not yet backed, and that number keeps going up.

We won't get everyone - usually you don't get more than 1/3 of those. But even that would be another $8100 . . . enough to fund and a bit more.

I'm encouraging those who are on the fence to jump in so that I can get moving on more art commissions, shortening the time from "funded" to "delivery." Since the art is collectively half the project budget, and the largest source of "checks I have to write" instead of things like layout and art direction, which have value but I do them myself, so no cash flow is required.

In any case: a plea. If you're following and have intent to back, please back sooner rather than later.

DouglasCole 06-06-2020 02:56 PM

Re: More Perilous Journeys: Now LIVE on Kickstarter
Dark Lord's Doom Cover Progress; $391 to funding!

Status: So Very Close...
We'll just get this out of the way fast. We're only $391 away from funding. Anywhere from two (retail level) to about 16 pledges, and if the average holds, it's about seven. The project also has a record-breaking 632 followers, of whom 440 have not yet backed. We have 417 actual backers as well.

So this is looking pretty good for funding, and depending on how many of the following-but-not-backed come in, we could wind up anywhere from "barely squeaking by" to "record-setting Kickstarter for Gaming Ballistic," and a dang good way to ring in my making a go of just being a publisher.

We need 205 of the 440 to come in in order to it be the most number of backers for the "regular session" of Kickstarter. I hope we get there!

Dark Lord's Doom Cover WIP

Ksenia's been working and working on the next cover. She sent me three versions, I got feedback via Discord groups (The Fantasy Trip and Gaming Ballistic servers), and got that off to her to help the next iteration. I frequently use those two servers to get pre-press feedback from folks, and interact with the customer base. So it's a good place to find me and interact.

Chris Rice 06-07-2020 03:14 PM

Re: More Perilous Journeys: Now LIVE on Kickstarter
It's backed now, so well done Douglas!!!

DouglasCole 06-09-2020 10:10 AM

Re: More Perilous Journeys: Now LIVE on Kickstarter
Ksenia Strikes Again: Cover WIP for Dark Lord's Doom

Ksenia with the "rough" colors on Dark Lord's Doom. I haven't played with anything from the rough template; so there are areas I'll improve...but I'm diggin' it so far.

DouglasCole 06-11-2020 08:55 AM

Re: More Perilous Journeys: Now LIVE on Kickstarter
48 hour warning note will come this evening...but there are two days left on the More Perilous Journeys seen in today's Daily Illuminator.

We've funded, and if we push past 500 backers the authors start to get paid more. We're very close to that, and more backers is a bigger paycheck for them. Their pay increases per backer until the PDFs ship for this campaign.

In any case: if you're already following, jump in! If you're not, but play TFT, there's a lot of good material on the offer for a no-prep game for those strapped for time.

DouglasCole 06-30-2020 05:14 PM

Re: More Perilous Journeys: Now LIVE on Kickstarter
Backerkit: Official Start Next Week

I've spent pretty much all day working on the Backerkit setup. A few things are clear to me.

I could probably push to get this done this week, set up the items, etc. That would get the surveys going. But I think it would be best if I waited until later next week.
  • Ksenia will be doing a lot of cover art early next week, and I think most of the backerkit surveys will look a LOT better with 4 or 5 covers either finished or in serious WIP
  • Mistakes at this point are really annoying to undo, and sometimes cost money (for me), or irritate backers (for you). I'd as soon avoid that
  • I'm also getting more art coming in on the two books I've got under commission...and I'd love to show that in updates as the surveys roll.

And of course, this is the July 4 holiday weekend coming up, and while I will be working on MPJ (editing and layout), my family is heading off into the north of MN for a much-needed (though still isolated) vacation. So my internet connection will be spotty. I'd much rather be able to deal with any issues or questions.

So: Backerkit surveys go out towards the end of next week. I think it'll be better that way for everyone.

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