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mummy_lord 04-18-2020 05:23 PM

Limb Hits + Accumulated Wounds + Dismember
How does "Limb Hits" (HT162) interact with "Accumulated Wounds" (B420) and Dismemberment (B421) when dealing with different sources of injuries (e.g. cutting + piercing)?

I have 11HP, my Arm has accumulated 6HP of injury from bullets and knives... so it is crippled.

I then continue to suffer injuries to the same Arm (for some reason...) from both sources (Cutting and Piercing attacks). When would it be considered dismembered/severed?

1. when a single blow inflict 12HP (Cutting) or 24HP (Piercing) of injury? (see Limb Hits, HT162)... but this would mean that my Arm could be hit several times without actually be severed.

2. i continue to write down injury until the Arm has accumulated XXHP... but this threshold would be different for Cutting and Piercing injury, per Limb Hits rule.

Thank you!


Plane 04-19-2020 12:58 PM

Re: Limb Hits + Accumulated Wounds + Dismember
B420 (Accumulated Wounds) mentions "Ignore further injury, except for the
purpose of determining dismemberment." But the basic AW rules only talk about adding up injuries to determine crippling, not adding them up to determining dismemberment.

B421's "A cutting attack or explosion severs a limb or extremity" is written in singular (not "cutting attacks" or "explosions") so on one hand I want to say that it ought to be a singular attack, not a series of them.

After all, a bunch of tiny cuts on separate parts of the arm shouldn't add up to sever the arm...

But on the other hand... clearly using something like a hacksaw or hitting the exact same spot SHOULD be able to dismember.

Maybe the solution here is to be liberal in applying the "Wounded" disadvantage?

B162 gives a x1.5 wounding multiplier which... MAYBE stacks with existing wounding multipliers? Not entirely sure there.

They're -7 to hit which represents the difficulty of hitting the same spot. But this way, if we have some threshold at which point damage creates the 'wounded' disadvantage, targeting the same wound should give +50% which should make it more possible to meet the the (>)*2 threshold needed to dismember.

MA115 could be helpful for certain body parts though, at least with biting (even though biting is crushing by default, not cutting)

"Should total injury reach twice that needed to cripple a nose or an ear, you bite it off."

Saying "total" sounds like adding it up turn to turn rather than needing a single hit. If that works with biting then I'd think there should maybe be some way to emulate that with other attacks.

Maybe its shouldn't applying with the usual "slash my knife, pull back my arm, slash again" way that swords/knives work, but in emulating the "keeping my weapon inside my opponent's wound and sawing on it" way that worrying w/ teeth works.

You get FULL biting damage when you worry but we should keep in mind that's thrust-based (not swing-based) so rather than getting swing-cut per turn with cutting weapons, thrust-crush might be more fair. On the plus side, maybe there should be no defence against the attack without breaking free of the grapple, just like with worrying?

Page 13 of Technical Grappling seems somewhat related: "If someone grabs your blade, you may try to cut him" but expand it via the "grappling is mutual" concept to when you have a free grapple after cutting someone, their torso is grabbing you back. Maybe have Worrying work that way too (give it a to-hit roll) ?

Page 14 is another approach: we could treat "sawing" attacks (half control points as cutting damage) as a single wound until the CP is reduced to -1 representing the blade being removed from the wound. Plus once you do grapple a hit location (already 1/2 hit location penalties) there's no additional penalties to hit simply to IMPROVE existing control points.

CeeDub 04-19-2020 07:43 PM

Re: Limb Hits + Accumulated Wounds + Dismember
I'd rule that "damaged beyond repair, needs to be amputated" counts as dismembered. It does not need to be a clean cut with a single sword stroke - reducing the limb to a bloody pulp is certainly sufficient.

Plane 04-20-2020 06:39 AM

Re: Limb Hits + Accumulated Wounds + Dismember

Originally Posted by CeeDub (Post 2319895)
I'd rule that "damaged beyond repair, needs to be amputated" counts as dismembered. It does not need to be a clean cut with a single sword stroke - reducing the limb to a bloody pulp is certainly sufficient.

Bloody pulp is what crushing can already do though. Maybe non-severed pulping is what cutting should do if it reaches cumulative crippling w/o being all-at-once crippling?

Although it doesn't necessarily need to be a single stroke, multiple strokes should be focused on roughly the same location to slice through bones.

Otherwise we have a weird "severed by a thousand cuts" thing going on where you could be using exacto knife slashes a different spot each time from the shoulder to upper arm to forearm.

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