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RUfrisky 06-16-2016 07:26 PM

Loot Letter alternative?
Hello forum,
I've been wondering if someone knows of away way to play Loot Letter more
concisely to Original Munchkin please post. I came up with an idea, and would like any better ideas, or perhaps feedback.
Also... for clarification, I am not trying to merge the games of Loot letter and Original Munchkin.

1.all set up is the same, only everyone starts at lv. 1 (naturally).
2. on each turn you follow these steps-
.draw a card (same so far)
.you may fight a creature, if you do and win gain a level. (fighting is based on your level, if your level is the same or higher you beat it. note: the card value is the card level) If you beat the creature draw a card. If you lose, you go down a level.
.must discard a card, and apply all discard effects.(note: fighting a creature and beating it dose not activate the discard ability)
3.when the last card is drawn and discarded, or when there is only one player left in the round, the round ends and the player with the card with the biggest value win the loot token.
4. each loot token gives you +1 to attack, or an opponents monster. once used it gets placed back in the loot pile (get it, its equipment). win by getting to level 10 first!
6. everything is a monster (yes even the rings and the loot.)

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