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TippetsTX 12-03-2019 04:35 PM

Cidri's Got Talent!
Starting a thread where folks can post their home-brew talents...

The warrior has honed his fighting skills to improve his peripheral vision and coordination in combat situations. As a result, side hexes will count as front hexes, and their rear hex counts as a side hex (similar to the 'Eyes-Behind' spell).

Prerequisites: Any 'expert-level' combat talent (i.e. Fencing, Unarmed Combat III, or Weapon Expertise).

David Bofinger 12-04-2019 12:46 AM

Re: Cidri's Got Talent!
I hate that a warrior who is skilled with the sword becomes helpless if he can only find an axe.
IQ 8: All Melee (1)
Prerequisite: At least two talent points of weapon talents.
A character attacking in melee using a weapon for which they lack the talent suffers a -1 DX, instead of -4 DX.
This one is complex to write but I think it's mostly intuitive once you understand it. You can protect people adjacent to you, a bit. I've tried to write it so it handles jabs and missile attacks naturally.
IQ 8: Shield Wall (1)
If Figure A attacks and hits Figure B then Figure C may may use a shield to stop some of the hits, provided (a) Figure C has this talent, (b) Figure C has a shield that stops at least two hits, (c) Figure C is adjacent to Figure B, (d) Figure A is to Figure C's front, (e) Figure A is no further from Figure C than Figure A is from Figure B. The protection provided is one less than the shield's normal protection.
Physicker junior.
IQ 9: First Aid (1)
Like Physicker, but only heals 1 point instead of 2. If you have this talent then Physicker only costs 1.

TippetsTX 12-04-2019 08:45 PM

Re: Cidri's Got Talent!
(Still workshopping this one...)

Thru intensive training and mental focus, the character has achieved a near-supernatural level of perception and spacial awareness when they are deprived of sight or visual cues due to physical blindness, total darkness, invisible foes or otherwise. The result is that they suffer no combat disadvantage or movement penalty in such scenarios and will effectively function as if no sight-based hinderance exists within a 30 ft radius. This ability applies equally to melee as well as ranged combat within that area.

Prerequisites: Acute Hearing*, Alertness and Combat Awareness.

*Note: Blind-Fighting is heavily dependent on sound and hearing so any effect (mundane or magical) that suppresses either will effectively counter this ability.

larsdangly 12-05-2019 08:23 AM

Re: Cidri's Got Talent!
As a counterpoint to combat powers, here's a 1 point 'Mundane Talent' for the unambitious but resourceful:

BEG (1): The character is good at looking pathetic and appealing to the sympathies of passers by. He or she can earn at least a subsistence living as a beggar in a city, large town or pilgrimage route. A character with the beggar talent can attempt an opposed 3d roll vs. IQ with a passing stranger; if the beggar wins the contest, the stranger gives a few coppers.

larsdangly 12-05-2019 08:25 AM

Re: Cidri's Got Talent!
Another social interaction talent; this one probably should be listed as a stand alone talent rather than one of the mundane talents:

CHA NO YU (1): The traditional east asian tea ceremony. Skill at this simple but deep ceremony is obligatory for the well-cultured samurai. It takes place in a quiet, spare room, and involves serving a guest hot tea and light food. The goal is to achieve tranquility and harmony between servant and served, and to demonstrate self-mastery and expertise. The Cha No Yu can be resolved as a roll vs. IQ, on 2 dice if serving a close friend, on 3 dice if serving a stranger, and on 4 dice if serving an enemy or hostile or suspicious superior. Success yields a +2 bonus to a reaction roll from the guest for an immediately following social interaction.

hcobb 12-06-2019 10:36 AM

Re: Cidri's Got Talent!
Lacking a weapons talent adds a die rather than subtracting 4 from DX. This is actually more of a determent, given crits.

TippetsTX 12-20-2019 08:50 PM

Re: Cidri's Got Talent!
My revised weapon talents (excluding unusual weapons)...

IQ 7 Weapon Talents

Covers the sap, batons, escrima sticks as well as the quarterstaff and more primitive blunt weapons (at the GM's discretion, this talent may be selected by IQ 6 characters).

Covers daggers, knives, kukri, the shortsword, rapiers and sabers. Also covers small one-handed blades sized for Halflings and Goblins.

Covers all one or two-handed sword-style weapons the size of broadswords or larger.

AXE / PICK (1)
Covers hatchets, axes of all sizes, kama, military picks and sickles (at the GM's discretion, this talent may be selected by IQ 6 characters).

Covers light and heavy mace, morningstars, one and two-handed war hammers, mauls and flails.

Covers javelins, short and long spears, pilum, yari, tridents, etc. (at the GM's discretion, this talent may be selected by IQ 6 characters).

Covers hand, light and heavy crossbows as well as the prodd (shoots pellets). Also includes operational understanding of crannequins.

Ability to use all hunting and war slings.

IQ 8 Weapon Talents

Covers the use of bows of all sizes as well as fletching.

Covers long and short chain weapons, weighted rope, whips and other flexible weapons (flying guillotine!). Grants access to special trip and entanglement attacks.

Covers halberds, glaives, naginata, the pike and pike-axe (and the cavalry lance, but the character must also have EXPERT HORSEMANSHIP to use properly).
Prerequisites: CLUB / STAFF, AXE / PICK or SPEAR

TippetsTX 02-29-2020 02:39 PM

Re: Cidri's Got Talent!
The character has developed enhanced reflexes allowing them to act and react quickly. They receive +2 DX for determination of their order of execution during the action phase only. The bonus does not apply to initiative or 'to hit' rolls.

KevinJ 04-24-2020 07:05 PM

Re: Cidri's Got Talent!
IQ 7
Flyer (1): This talent represents time spent using a Flight spell to maneuver in combat. By long use, either casting it yourself or having it cast on you, you no longer suffer the -2 penalty to adjDX when flying. It does not affect penalties for attacking flying characters.
This Talent also represents those born with wings, like Winged Horses, Gargoyles, and Dragons, who have been flying since youth and receive this Talent for free. If by some miracle a non-winged character gains wings during game play, they will suffer the -2 to Dex until they acquire this Talent.

IQ 8
Throw Spell (1): This Talent works like Thrown Weapons below, granting a +2DX bonus, but only for Thrown (T) Spells.

IQ 9
Adept (2): A person with this talent is attuned to magic. This talent allows the character to learn spells in a fraction of the time a normal character would learn them, though the cost in IQ remains the same... This Talent is not required to cast spells, but it helps.
Those without this talent may still learn and cast spells, but they cannot use a Grimoire or book to cast a spell, cast spells from scrolls unless the scroll specifically says so, or make magic items of any kind.

IQ 11
Combat Casting (1) [ADEPT]: Combat casting allows the character to cast spells while holding a weapon/shield in each hand. Though the character cannot attack while casting a spell, but could defend. Any metal items held by the character must be made of silver.
Without this Talent, the caster must have at least one empty hand and only his Staff in the other.
The Adept needs to have an IQ 4 points higher than required to learn the spell to use it with this Talent. Example: An Adept with IQ13 can cast IQ 9 spells using this talent.

Terquem 04-24-2020 07:31 PM

Re: Cidri's Got Talent!
I always liked the way T&T sorted weapons, I feel that those sortings would work for me in creating weapons talents.

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