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FlintsInfernape 07-29-2021 09:28 PM

Deus Ex Machinegun
So basically, Deus Ex Machinegun was played vs me in a combat triggered by kicking open the door that I easily won and would've won me the game. I was holding Restraining Order at the time, completely forgot about it, would've let us ignore this problem, but whatever the game is done. Our problem at the time was that Deus Ex Machingun's specifically says you may not loot the room.

Now, because the combat was triggered by kicking open the door, and I did not kill the monster, would I be able to look for trouble? And if Deus Ex Machinegun did not say you may not loot the room, would I be able to loot the room?

My understanding has always been that if you don't kill the monster (and it is not otherwise stated on the card that got rid of the monster), you continue your turn as if you had not fought a monster at all, ie you may loot the room or look for trouble

Mr_Draco 07-30-2021 12:42 AM

Re: Deus Ex Machinegun
You have it backwards.

If you drew a monster at all during the Kick Open the Door phase, you do not get to Loot the Room or Look for Trouble. If a card or ability is played that removed all the monsters from combat, you do not get to Loot the Room or Look for Trouble unless that card specifically says you may do so.

While this doesn't cover your exact scenario, the FAQ does cover a similar situation where you drew a monster, monster got removed from combat, and what you can do next.


Q. Can I play Annihilation to cancel a monster I just drew when I kicked open the door? If so, what happens?
A. Put the monster in the box and forget about it. However, because this was not a card played by an opponent, you do not get to cancel the monster or Kick Open another Door. And because the monster was in play, however briefly, you were in combat for that short time and therefore you cannot Look For Trouble or Loot The Room.

FlintsInfernape 07-30-2021 08:29 AM

Re: Deus Ex Machinegun
So why does the card even say that you may not loot the room if you wouldn't be able to loot the room anyway? That seems redundant. If there are two ways to initiate combat and both of them prevent you from looting the room, it seems like it was added to the card just to cause confusion about looking for trouble. I don't disagree. That's clearly what the linked rule says, but it feels like by restating that you can't loot the room it wants you to be able to look for trouble, although it doesn't say that either. I just dislike redundancy between rules and cards because it causes confusion where, because this specific end combat card says you can't loot the room and other end combat cards don't say that, when those combat cards are used, you may loot the room, unless you read the rules incredibly thoroughly.

Brf 07-30-2021 09:44 AM

Re: Deus Ex Machinegun
It is a reminder, not a redundancy.

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