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PTTG 10-08-2020 12:57 AM

Request for Fantasy Feifs
This thread is a resource for anyone who wants to have an magical realm in their back pocket (not literally (unless, maybe, it is magical)). The basic consideration is that the realms be largely independent of other places -- though adventure seeds in the form of entanglements with other realms are welcome as long as they are flexible. Aside from that, any TL, government, or whatever is acceptable.

Here's some examples:

The Architect: The Great Sacred Flame is a truly ancient dragon and demands that its supplicants work to make it a suitable home. It lairs in the ruins of a massive old metropolous, and it has just under a million servants to its name. Though many gather food, make tools, even police the other "servants," their ultimate aim is solely to collect from the ruins what is needed to construct a great palace even by the standards of the winged fire-god they serve.

The Holly Wood: There are two cities; the Lost, and within it, the Holly. Within the Holly, all are young, beautiful, and perfect, forever. To get there, one must first traverse the Lost, an urban hunting ground for minor vampire clans and werewolf packs. And, more dreadful than that, one must attain the favor of the Producer, the great fey lord who chooses whom will become one of the perfect ones.

Daemons: Demon worship is frowned upon for good reason, of course. But that doesn't mean you can't use them. Demons are a renewable, locally-sourced resource. Why not turn them against the outsiders that threaten our borders? Why not use them to supplement our flagging workforce? Why not use them to check for spies in our midst? Worried that they'll get out of control? No need for that. Our leaders are experts in controlling rogues, and have even contained an archdevil for all these years!

The Little People: "Begging your pardon, your lordship, we want very little. We just want to go unnoticed by the larger communities." A dangerous request, to make of a Djinn. Now a "small town" of some 20,000 people is shrunk down so that their average height is one inch tall. It's not so bad, compared to how other wishmakers ended up...

Olympia: First they came for wood, then they came for gold, then they came for oil. It all was too much. When the end came for the takers, the forest spirits made a new code. No metalworking; no fuels other than wood. No farming. Break the rules, and the beasts will find you and teach you humility. Some 30,000 people live in these forests, moving with the seasons. Many more stray into the rainforests to avoid more overtly dangerous neighbors; some of them even escape again.

Apollonian 10-08-2020 01:38 PM

Re: Request for Fantasy Feifs
The City of the Tarrasque deserves a mention. I first encountered it in that thread; it looks like it's since been also done as a Pathfinder setting, Salt in the Wounds.

DangerousThing 10-09-2020 09:42 AM

Re: Request for Fantasy Feifs
Gardener Fox had a series of stories that were printed in Dragon Magazine about Niles of the Far Travels. Most of these were the standard barbarian hero against evil magic.

One of the stories involved a stone, which, if you could enter it, was an entire land. An evil sorcerer used it to get rid of people he thought were a threat. He followed Niles in to make sure he was dead. Niles got back to the real world first, and he made sure that the big bad wouldn't menace anybody ever again.

ravenfish 10-09-2020 12:13 PM

Re: Request for Fantasy Feifs
The Elves of the Greenwood desire to have the best form of government. They have tried democracy and aristocracy, and now wish to try monarchy but, conscious that monarchs (like mold) can be difficult to get rid of, they are seeking a mortal to be their first king so that he can be easily removed if needed. Applicants should enjoy sitting majestically, wearing silly things on their heads, and long walks in the woods.

PTTG 10-11-2020 01:11 AM

Re: Request for Fantasy Feifs
A very nice start! Here's a few more I've come up with:

Among an old and swampy bayou, an ancient family of forest spirits guard the land. They welcome humans, provided that they shed their forms and take on animal shapes. There are some thousands of people here, but hidden as the wildlife. Only on a full moon do they return to human forms for a night of revelry, worship, and ceremony.

Seastead: Elsewhere, a magnificent city floats on the seas. It is home to those who set aside their ties to land and its civilizations, and they have found a way to synthesize magic and technology quite effectively. But the ocean has powerful gods, and many of them. They only are preserved against the ravages of the sea thanks to frequent offerings to their patrons, namely: human sacrifices. But don't worry; they have fascinating new ideas about how to address this, like cloning.

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