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2bamunch 01-17-2016 08:52 AM

Income Tax Audit Curse
Can someone explain the proper use of this card? Example: When I drew this card I decided to discard an item with 1,100 gold piece value. According to the rules everyone else had to discard enough to equal that item value...or discard all their items and a level. So as a group, they decided to say this: one level (equaling a 1,000 gold pieces) and one card valuing 100 gold pieces was an acceptable action. I figure the card makes it clear...If they don't have enough items to equal 1,100, they'd have to give up all items and a level. Please help me settle this! :)

Andrew Hackard 01-17-2016 11:12 AM

Re: Income Tax Audit Curse
Income Tax requires the players to discard Items totaling (in this case) 1,100 Gold Pieces. If they have enough Items to do that, they are required to do so -- there's no "or lose a level because that's the same as 1,000 Gold Pieces" option. If they don't have enough Items on the table, then they discard all Items they have AND lose a level as a penalty.

Basically, your friends didn't read the card closely and you were right. Also, that was an evil play. I approve.

2bamunch 01-17-2016 09:31 PM

Re: Income Tax Audit Curse
Thanks, friend!

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