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jamjamboy 02-17-2014 10:24 PM

Death Of Munchkin
When a munchkin dies they must throw away all cards in their hand (potions, spells, weapons, class, and race which would be basically all DXM and treasure cards). Then all the cards in play are to be dropped with the exception of race and class cards. Is this correct?

Clipper 02-18-2014 04:51 AM

Re: Death Of Munchkin
You discard all the cards you had in your hand, be they DxM (spare Races, Classes, Curses, etc.) or Treasure cards (Items). They aren't dropped in the room. Of the cards you had in play, you keep your current Race and Class (and Half-Breed and /or Super Munchkin) and drop the Items you were carrying in the Room you are in.

So only the Treasures you had in play are dropped, the ones you still had in your hand are simply discarded. The only DxMs you will have in play are your Race and Class cards (which stay in play through Death), and Cheat, which tells you to discard it when you lose the attached Item. Thus, you will never be dropping any DxM cards in the Room.

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