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Kallatari 12-14-2021 08:37 AM

What is projected as part of the Song of Projection
I'm trying to understand the "metaphysics" behind the Song of Projection. The song sends out your "consciousness" to another location, but then says "like normal celestial forms it is open to celestial attack." So it is subject to Celestial Combat. (Side question: can it initiate Celestial Combat; the Song is unclear.)

So, does this mean you are projecting your celestial form? I can understand being able to do so from a physical body/vessel (just like dreamwalking projecting your ethereal form), but how does one do so when already in celestial form? Is this some sort of "spirit within a spirit" thing?

To add confusion, it says that projecting while in the ethereal or celestial realm will have your celestial body glow a deep violet "while his mind is away". Does that not imply the "ethereal" portion of your body, such as the mind that visits the dreamscape? Should that projected consciousness therefore not be subject to Ethereal Combat as well as Celestial Combat?

I suspect part of the game-mechanic reasoning is because Ethereal Combat doesn't work in the Celestial Realm, so they made the projection vulnerable to Celestial Combat instead. But I'm now having a hard time picturing the in-game metaphysics behind this (as opposed to just the game mechanics which are clear).

I've contemplated a nestled set of "bodies" from corporeal physical body to ethereal spiritual mind to celestial consciousness/soul. When you leave the Corporeal realm to the Ethereal, your physical body remains behind and it's your "spirit" (combination of Ethereal and Celestial) to is your ethereal form that is in the marches. When you continue on to the Celestial Realm, your "ethereal body" remains behind and only your "soul/consciousness" (only Celestial) continues on to Heave/Hell. That sort of matches my understanding of the setting, but leaves the question of "what happens to the ethereal body?", which I assume just vanishes much like a vessel does on the corporeal realm. But if I use that logic, once in the Celestial Realm, there is nothing left to project with a Song of Projection. I guess that's why I'm confused as to the "metaphysics" behind the Song.

Again, I have no issues with the game mechanic/rules. I'm just trying to make sense of its from a setting point of view.

Anyone here know exactly what is being projected?

Whitelaughter 12-14-2021 09:00 PM

Re: What is projected as part of the Song of Projection
The link between identity and CelForces has always been a bit messy in IN: and the simplest way to house rule is to say "the Celestials themseleves don't know".

But for this specific example, it's easiest to assume that the Song is creating a very tenuous Vessel that the performer inhabits; because it is so minor, it can't protect the performer's Forces, but does allow access to places that the performer cannot go (extreme example, in GIN is suggests that if a mortal dies while projecting to Hell, they will be stuck there!)

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