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2easilyamused 06-01-2014 02:47 PM

Stealing a shrunk 3 handed sword
I couldn't find anything on this, and I need to see if the ruling was correct.

So I rolled to steal as a thief. After a successful roll I used Shrinking Powder on my opponents 3 Handed Sword, in addition to declaring that item my target.

My opponent wanted to play a Wishing Ring on the item to nullify the Shrinking Powder, and make the item Big again, and therefore immune to theft.

Here are my questions:

1. What order is this resolved in?
2. Do I get to complete my theft, yet end up with an un-shrunk 3 Handed Sword?
3. Does the Wishing Ring block the Shrinking Powder, even though the Shrinking and theft were, in my mind anyway, declared one after the other?

MunchkinMan 06-01-2014 03:38 PM

Re: Stealing a shrunk 3 handed sword
Once you roll, if you are successful, you need to pick an Item. You can't play a card in between, unless that card affects your roll.

The proper order of events is to play Shrinking Powder first. Then, your opponent gets a hint that you're planning to steal and probably plays his Wishing Ring before you can discard a card to power your steal. At this point, you can still steal, but not any Big Item,

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