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Hippiechild 01-23-2011 04:30 PM

Problems with the Template builder
Hello fellow gamers, I was wondering whether or not there is any way to modify traits you add to templates on the Character Assistant template builder. My problem arose when I wanted to add the Flight advantage with the modifier (Winged -25%). I couldn't seem to figure out how to modify the advantage on the program.

On another note, is there any way to reopen a template that you've already built and modify it?

sjard 01-23-2011 04:58 PM

Re: Problems with the Template builder
Moved to the correct location.

Woodman 01-25-2011 10:57 AM

Re: Problems with the Template builder
I havent found a way to add modifiers to anything in the Templatebuilder either, so i doubt it was implemented yet, and i know for sure there is no way to open up templates and edit them in the Templatebuilder. This led me back to building templates as characters and saving them in datafiles, wich works rather fine for anything without choices and doing the rest with a texteditor.

Armin 01-25-2011 04:51 PM

Re: Problems with the Template builder
Yeah, the template builder is for fairly simple, modifier free stuff, right now. And, as you noticed, it's strictly for creating, not editing, traits.

Building character templates is hard, and I'm not particularly good at interface design, so finding a way to implement things that is simple enough for general users is quite possibly beyond me. Given that, and the potential complexity of possible interactions, the template builder will be a veeeerrrrryy slow build for improvements.

For racial templates, the best option is definitely building a character and saving it as a template to a data file.


Hippiechild 01-27-2011 05:29 PM

Re: Problems with the Template builder
Ok, thanks for the info guys. I'll probably do what you recommended and save them as characters.

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