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ericthered 01-18-2014 08:12 AM

(IC) Lost In Dreams [Peter]
Peter Nichol's dreams were eiree that night. He dreamed of an ancient, pristeen forest, still inhabited by its original creatures: deer, wolves, bears, beavers ... all were present. As were the original people of the land, dwelling in the forest, farming and hunting.

And then he dreamed of a iron city. Of europeans dwelling on a river, mining high in the hills and sending the coal down to fuel their hot bellied furnaces, creating reapers, plows, and guns.

But their was something off about both of the peoples: a wariness of the night, and a separating of their communities from the wild. Every town, every village, and indeed every camp, was marked with a clear warning: stay out. It was done in various ways, but they all did it: skulls, lines in the dirt with writing, fences, crosses ...

Peter woke up in the middle of the woods. That was normal. Goliath was next to him. That was also normal. But he was completely naked, which was not normal. At all. One glance at the stars told him that it was about an hour before dawn. Assuming it was still May and he was still in Massachusetts.

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the_matrix_walker 01-18-2014 01:54 PM

Re: (IC) Lost In Dreams [Peter]
Peter rises and stretches the sleep out of his muscles. "Where are we boy? and where the heck are my clothes?" He glances about for signs of his clothing or for anything familiar that might let him know what part of the forest he's in.

"C'mon boy, let's go find our way home and get us some breakfast." He scratches Goliath's thick furry neck. "Looks like you've lost your collar too... Do you feel naked boy?" He says with a smile, enjoying his little joke.

Unable to recognize where he is, Peter picks a likely direction and starts to walk. The wooded areas around his home are all relatively small, so he believes any direction will take him to a road before very long.

ericthered 01-20-2014 10:21 AM

Re: (IC) Lost In Dreams [Peter]
Goliath is somewhat more nervous than usual in these woods, but that could just be coincidence. Or unfamiliarity. That dog seemed to know every quarter acre around.

Peter walked well over a mile without hitting a road. And without seeing any lights. Or beer cans, or pop caps, or signs, or any other sign of human habitation.

the_matrix_walker 01-20-2014 11:39 AM

Re: (IC) Lost In Dreams [Peter]
Peter continues to walk, searching for the edge of the woods, a path, or any sign of people. He is getting a bit nervous that he's managed to get himself lost.

"Well boy, I picked the wrong way I guess... but a road can't be far now."

'How far could I have sleep walked? I didn't even know I sleep walk' he thinks.

"You followed me out here boy, do you know the way home?"

As long as Goliath trails behind him, Peter keeps walking in the same direction, but if Goliath walks out in front, he'll follow him and his nose. After a little while longer walking, he starts keeping an eye out for edible plants and water sources.

ericthered 01-21-2014 06:44 AM

Re: (IC) Lost In Dreams [Peter]
The forest is seemingly empty of human life. ... then he notices that the edible plants of the area are already harvested. Someone at least has been through here already. There is some stuff left, but a good 75 percent is gone.

Goliath is following peter when the large dog stops, raises its bristles, and growls. The dog must have good senses, Peter hadn't. ... no, he could sense something. But not with his eyes or his ears. He just could tell something was in the bushes ahead of them.

the_matrix_walker 01-21-2014 10:23 AM

Re: (IC) Lost In Dreams [Peter]
Peter takes a step back, closer to Goliath and put's his hand on the fur of the big dog's neck, as much to calm himself as the dog, and he looks carefully at the brush for what he's sensing.

"Is someone there?"

ericthered 01-21-2014 04:39 PM

Re: (IC) Lost In Dreams [Peter]
a translucent figure begins to form in the space above the bushes. Its exact features are indistinct, but it does have a human shape, with ... wings? There are certainly wings flowing out of its back. Its head has either a wild amount of hair or some sort of wreath, and its ears are massive and pointed, somewhat like a deer or horses.

Goliath's growls get lower. He's more scared than Peter has ever seen, but is trying to act brave.
a voice comes out of the bushes, incredibly unearthly:

"I am here, young man, a fallen creature seeking to exit its miserable state. will you help me?"

The voice echoes several times before dying down.

the_matrix_walker 01-21-2014 05:09 PM

Re: (IC) Lost In Dreams [Peter]
Peter is nearly speechless, and freezes, staring at the apparition... but finally tears his gaze free to look for the source of the voice in the bushes, or whatever rig he assumes is being used to make the image. He finally says...

"Calm down Goliath, it can't be real..." he takes a step forward "Where are you? Are you alright? Is that some kind of hologram or something? It's amazing!"

ericthered 01-22-2014 04:44 PM

Re: (IC) Lost In Dreams [Peter]
Peter looks, but is unable to see anything generating the image. And it appears the voice is coming from ... it keeps changing position. coming from all directions. or no direction at all.

The figure regards Peter coldly:
"I do not understand that word, hologram. is it another word for spirit? for that is what I am, a spirit, unable to act on this world more than I am doing now. I seek to exist in this world, but I cannot without help. I am fallen, and cannot exist as I once did. I need your help to become whole in this world again."

the_matrix_walker 01-22-2014 05:06 PM

Re: (IC) Lost In Dreams [Peter]
Peter spends a few more moments tromping through the brush before he starts to realize there's nothing there. He turns and stares at the apparition again.

Peter trembles as he takes a step back. He thinks to run away, bu his legs won't take him... the single meager step to Goliath's side was all they seemed willing to give him

"'re real? you're a ghost!?!? Wha...what do you want? What could I do?"

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