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What's the purpose of this forum?
This forum is the direct descendant of the original Illuminati BBS, which we started in 1985. It's a lot slicker than that original one-line asynchronous BBS, but the purpose is the same: two-way communication with the people who play the games. We want to tell you what we're doing, and we want to find out what you think about it.

What are the rules of this forum?
When you signed up, you agreed to these rules.

The short version is . . . be excellent to one another, and try to be interesting, too.
  • When you post to a thread, please be on topic. And when you start a new thread, put it in the appropriate forum.
  • Please be courteous to others. Most of the people (other than spammers) who we've ejected from our online community over the years have been thrown out for gross rudeness.
  • Please don't use these forums for anything illegal, especially distribution or promotion of pirated material. The REST of the people we've thrown out of our forums were booted for piracy.
  • We allow one account per user. If you've forgotten your login information, contact; don't just create a new account.
  • Please respect the moderators' and administrators' decisions about what is appropriate.

Who are the administrators and moderators?

Some are SJ Games employees; some are volunteers; some are aliens from the moons of the fourth planet of Regulus.

The administrators are the people who keep the forum running. Bugs should be reported to, and the administrators will deal with them. Comments and suggestions should go into the "Forum Feedback" forum.

Many forums have specific moderators; you should be able to see who the moderator is by looking at the forum. If no moderator is named, the moderation functions are being exercised by whichever staff members are reading the forum today . . .

Please respect the moderators and their decisions. Their job is to keep discussions flowing smoothly and courteously. To do so, they may ask you to move discussions to a different area, or even to close off a subject that they feel has been beaten to death. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

How can I get help using the forum software?
It sure would be nice if there was a HELP file for vBulletin. There's not.

To start off with, read these FAQs. They provide some basic answers.

Next, experiment. We don't think you can break anything. Leaving your cursor over a link or button will usually get you a little help box that may or not be useful.

If all else fails, post your question in the "Forum Feedback" forum.

What IS this software?
We're using vBulletin, one of the more widespread forum packages. The graphics and icons are courtesy of the talented and illuminated Kira, who also designed the SJ Games home page We've been using this software for over 13 years now, so we're unlikely to move away from it, but we do look at third-party add-ons and ways to improve the system. If you have suggestions, please email!

Can I get official answers to game questions here?
Don't assume that everything you see here is official. If you post a question, there is likely to be some discussion from other users, and if it's a hard question from staff. We will make every effort to explicitly say "This is an official answer" when it is.

What does "fnord" mean?
Sorry, you're not cleared for that.

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