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Announcements in Forum : GURPS Resources
07-16-2013 until 02-06-2106
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Read Before Posting!

This subforum is exclusively for authorized sticky threads containing fan-authored GURPS resources such as the following:
  • Indexes of published GURPS content; e.g., a list of all character templates and their page references.
  • Links to blogs, feeds, wikis, and other web content hosted outside
  • Links to game aids, be they apps or files, hosted outside
  • Obey all of the usual forums rules!
  • Post only to existing sticky threads. (Direct requests for new threads to the moderators in the main GURPS forum.)
  • Post to the correct thread for your resource. Off-topic posts might be moved, but they're more likely to be deleted.
  • If the content isn't text (like an index), post a link to it, not the content itself. We aren't interested in hosting files.
Finally, note that SJ Games is not responsible for off-site content. You venture outside at your own risk!
Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch <>
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