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Default Kobal: Mystery Rite...

Kobal has decided to have a Mystery Rite which changes every day and no one gets told what it is. Any Demon* can accept this Mystery Rite, but they only get the essence if they do it. They can of course be told, but do you trust the Kobalite and/or other demon who told you that the rite today is to Moon the mayor? And someone has to figure it out by experimentation in the first place.

*However, a large number of servitors of Litheroy have also accepted Kobal's Mystery Rite and Litheroy will remove any dissonance for a servitor who reports in that they have figured out what it is. This is then relayed to anyone who wants the information (and like most information from Lithrites to many who don't). Litheroy believes that exposing this information helps his word and Kobal believes that having Angels deliberately getting dissonance to expose this serves his.

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