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Old 10-15-2012, 06:17 AM   #11
Cpt. Sqweky
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Default Re: Idea: Boosters with additional copies of Races and Classes.

Originally Posted by Andrew Hackard View Post
But, honestly, sometimes the games are a little more fun when the Classes and Races are a little harder to come by -- it makes you think a little harder before saying, "Oh, I guess I'll stop being a Warrior if that monster gets a bonus against me."
I agree with this. Granted, I don't have all the fantasy expansions, but I just don't see there not being enough races/classes as that big of a problem that it really needs solving.
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Old 10-15-2012, 07:41 AM   #12
Dr. Mauric
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Default Re: Idea: Boosters with additional copies of Races and Classes.

Another issue with more races and classes is the problem then shifts to the monsters being diluted. You don't need a race or class to win but you do need to (eventually) draw a monster.
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Old 10-15-2012, 10:54 AM   #13
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Default Re: Idea: Boosters with additional copies of Races and Classes.

I understand that the game can sometimes be more interesting with less Races and Classes available, but that used to happen to us only occasionally. The thing is that it didn't used to be like this, and now it is. There's no denying that a deck containing just the core set and expansions has more Races and Classes in circulation than a deck containing every booster, and to a lesser extent the promos and cards from the accessories.

I really like emillang1000's idea of booster sets dedicated to introducing new Races or Classes. That would solve the issue of trying to sell a booster containing additional copies of cards that many players already have seven copies of.

Anyway, I'm just posting my idea and thoughts. No doubt Andrew and co. have noticed it already. I just wanted to discuss it a bit with other Munchkin players.
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Old 10-15-2012, 11:21 AM   #14
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Default Re: Idea: Boosters with additional copies of Races and Classes.

Like you said, the best thing for you to do if you want this done is to grab the pack of blanks and make them yourself, since it's clear SJGames isn't going to do it :)
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Old 10-15-2012, 08:23 PM   #15
Andrew Hackard
Munchkin Line Editor
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Default Re: Idea: Boosters with additional copies of Races and Classes.

Originally, Centaurs and Lizard Guys were planned as possible boosters. The catch is, 15 cards isn't really enough to integrate them into the game, especially if you want monsters that interact with them. So, as I said above, a booster won't cut it -- you're looking at a tuckbox, and that's just added a whole new level (heh) of work to the process. A booster is pretty quick to write and put together, in most cases.
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Old 10-15-2012, 09:11 PM   #16
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Default Re: Idea: Boosters with additional copies of Races and Classes.

If low classes/ races are becoming an issue because of deck size, you could separate those cards, shuffle and deal one to each player at the beginning of the game, and then shuffle them into the full deck and deal out the hands.

Another way to combat it would be to make Class/ Race cards playable on anyone. I've been thinking about making this a house rule. For example, when losing combat, a player could say "Whoever helps me becomes a thief."
(I've even considered making a class on a blank card with some power like that. Think Career Assignment Personnel from Futurama)

Problems I see are when people already have a class (simply say they must accept the card being played on them, or else it is immediately discarded). That also solves the Cultist problem, since there is a card specifically designed to make one a cultist. The Epic C.A.P can forcefully switch the class of another Epic Munchkin.

I thought I saw somewhere a rule about posting card ideas here to prevent loss of intellectual property, but I hereby waive my right to the idea and anyone may use it.
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Old 10-16-2012, 12:39 AM   #17
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Default Re: Idea: Boosters with additional copies of Races and Classes.

A thought - and I don't want to get too detailed, because I don't want to be posting custom cards or house rules or such...

If there's really, really a desire for more Races/Classes (though I still am liking the Pack o' Monsters booster idea), could it not include cards that:
A) Let you sort through the discards for more Races/Classes
B) Let you steal a race/class from another player
C) Is a "new" race/class that acts like a previous class w/r/t all card interactions but has a different power? Say, a Warlock that interacts with all other cards the same as a Wizard, but instead of the "Fight" or "Charm" spell, it would do something slightly different. Lizard Guy could be Frog Man, etc. You could throw out a booster of these and players could buy one and make them "rare" in their decks or buy seven and make them just as common as the other races/breeds - and their interactions with other cards in the decks could still be there without having to introduce a bunch of new cards.

Just random thoughts.
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Old 10-16-2012, 12:39 AM   #18
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Default Re: Idea: Boosters with additional copies of Races and Classes.

Really they're not thinned out that much, and I don't honestly get why it's such a dilemma.

For the short answer, in the original Munchkin, the chances of getting either a Race or a Class card were 1:4.5 roughly; with pretty much everything else added now, it's 1:6.3 - however, this ISN'T taking into account the fact that both Hirelings and Steeds now exist, and as both those card types allow you the use more or different items and grant combat bonuses, they work fine as a substitute for a Class & Race.

I wrote out the numbers here:

Originally Posted by emillang1000 View Post
In a full Munchkin set of normal-sized cards, made up of all available sets (including most of Munchkin Conan), packs, W23 packs, accessory cards, and colored promos - excluding any variants like the Santa sets, Fairy Dust, Munchkinomicon, the yet-unprinted Penny Arcade pack, and all "Conan-only" cards from Munchkin Conan (I've written about this before, but there're approx. 44 Conan cards don't fit well into a full set of Fantasy) - there are ~1124 (Fantasy) cards.

Of those 1124 cards, 663 of those cards are Doors.

Of THOSE 663 Door cards, you have 50 Race cards (7 each of 7 races + 1 extra Elf from a pack), 43 Class cards (7 each of 6 classes + 1 extra Warrior from a pack), and 12 "Human Subrace" Race cards from Conan; that's 105 Race/Class cards.

That comes out to roughly 1 Race/Class cards per every 6.3 cards.

In the original Munchkin, there are 21 Race/Class cards, in deck of 95 Door cards, which was roughly 1 Race/Class per every 4.5 cards.

Though the chances of drawing a Race/Class card from the Door deck are lower now, Hirelings and Steeds have lessened the need to actually have a Race or Class, and when taking into account all the Hirelings and Steeds in existence now, they even out the numbers to close to that 4.5 mark.
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