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Old 08-13-2012, 01:21 PM   #1
C. J. Burke
Join Date: Aug 2004
Default Opposable Thumb Drive question

So I bought the Opposable Thumb Drive some time back. I know its features, but how do you put it into play?

I mean: do the other players have to know it's in my shirt pocket before I pull it out and attack it?
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Default Re: Opposable Thumb Drive question

It's up to you and your table whether you want to announce your accessories before the match. Under tournament rules, it appears you only have to announce them in a Plus-One or similar style game. In any case, make sure you bring along a copy of the instructions for the drive, so people know you aren't making them up.
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Join Date: Jan 2011
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Default Re: Opposable Thumb Drive question

I always let everyone know at the start of the game what acessories i'm playing with. When I run demos I always encourage my players to do the same when they play with their own group.

Some items say to start the game with it in play, like the axecop bookmark of chopping off heads. For other items that do not say it depends on your game group.
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Andrew Hackard
Munchkin Line Editor
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Default Re: Opposable Thumb Drive question

Just as a side note: IMO, most demo games REALLY should restrict themselves to a single core set. No expansions, no promo items, no boosters (unless the point of the demo is to show off the booster, of course). Unless you're demoing for people who already know the game -- which is not really a demo, as I see it -- too much loot can be overwhelming.
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